cut (someone or something) to ribbons

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cut (someone or something) to ribbons

1. Literally, to badly cut or gash someone or something. Kids, get away from the broken window—all that glass could cut you to ribbons!
2. To judge or criticize someone or something harshly. I thought I had done a good job on the project, but my boss just cut me to ribbons, pointing out every little thing I had overlooked.
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cut someone to ribbons

1. Lit. to cut or slice someone severely. He broke a mirror and the glass cut his hand to ribbons.
2. Fig. to criticize someone severely. The critics just cut her acting to ribbons!
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cut (or tear) something to ribbons

1 cut (or tear) something so badly that only ragged strips remain. 2 damage something severely.
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The German manager's Liverpool side made Bayern Munich look ordinary as the Reds cut them to ribbons with their counter-attacks.
The old gamekeepers could by smell, tell if it was a fox or a badger living there, and would not let their terriers into the set, as a badger could cut them to ribbons with sharp claws.
Pontypool endured a torrid opening half as midfield trio Gareth Lewis, Jason Lowndes and Chris Bowditch cut them to ribbons time and again.