cut (one's) own throat

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cut (one's) own throat

To cause problems for oneself with one's own actions (which are often motivated by anger). I know you're mad at your dad, but don't cut your own throat here—running away is only going to make your life harder.
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cut your own throat

bring about your own downfall by your actions.
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cut your own ˈthroat

do something that is likely to harm you, especially when you are angry and trying to harm somebody else: You cut your own throat when you told him to leave. How are you going to manage alone?
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cut one’s own throat

tv. to do something that harms oneself. He’s just cutting his own throat, and he knows it.
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Hit The Bid 4.00 Newbury Buy at 8 on index The Dubai International World Trophy Stakes (4.00) at Newbury features some seriously fast front-runners in the form of Take Cover, Thesme and Caspian Prince, and there must be a chance they'll cut their own throats if taking each other on.
GARRY MONK hit out at his Swansea City side for failing to kill off Tottenham - and then proceeding to cut their own throats as they blew a chance of a first Premier League win over Spurs.
Jefferson said: "He (Hughes) judged it perfectly as I thought the front two cut their own throats out there.
As far as I am concerned they have cut their own throats but it's not the staff who I feel sorry for - it's they who ultimately benefit through the charity.
As they will go fast, you just have to think the front-runners will cut their own throats, leaving those ridden just off the pace and the hold-up merchants likely to hold the advantage late on.
SOUTHAMPTON cut their own throats with some shocking misses and disastrous defending to seriously undermine the chances of John Gorman and Jason Dodd keeping the management job long-term.
...THE Tories have just cut their own throats in Cov.
"I don't quite know what was going on early on, it was just one of those funny sorts of races really, the three of them just cut their own throats a little bit.
Superstitious zealots--both racial and religious--were ready to cut their own throats to sharpen the knife for another.
Lacey's first try pulled Munster back to 29-18 midway through the second half but the Irish province cut their own throats before they could finish the revival.
But in the second period Saints cut their own throats with awful defending.
FARLOE ROCKET (6-1) stole the feature 500m Harry Holmes Memorial at Sheffield on Christmas Eve when Target Classic and Bandicoot Tipoki effectively cut their own throats after a thrilling duel between the pair up front that Target Classic looked set to narrowly prevail in, until Farloe Rocket swooped up the inside close home for Barrie Draper, scoring by a length in 29.23sec Droopys Power (also 6-1) took a typically messy pups affair when landing the Ryan Holmes Puppy Cup earlier for Stuart Mason.
Boss Laws' men have lost four successive games and he admits they cut their own throats against managerless Yeovil.
Aberdeen almost cut their own throats when a defender Gary Smith overhit a simple back pass which Jim Leighton failed to control but they were saved by Winters, who failed to capitalise on the opportunity.
As he is another who likes to bowl along with the pace I feel the front runners may cut their own throats.