cut a rug

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cut a rug

slang To dance. Come on Millie, you love this song—let's cut a rug! It was hard to find a spot on the dance floor with so many other couples cutting a rug.
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cut a rug


cut the rug

If you cut a rug or cut the rug, you dance in a lively and energetic way. Some of the mothers had a great time cutting a rug alongside their teenage daughters. Most of those on the crowded dance floor cutting the rug were over 50.
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cut a (or the) rug

dance, typically in an energetic or accomplished way. North American informal
1966 Sky Magazine The wide-open spaces around the bar…mean, as it fills up, the place soon resembles a club and the punters are itching to cut a rug.
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CUTLINE: Diane McCorison of Millbury and dance partner Thomas Martin of Dracut cut the rug at the American Ballroom and Latin Dance Social held recently at Maironis Park in Shrewsbury.
Products include: the Royal Velvet collection by Fieldcrest, retailing for $79.99 for a 5-by-6 and $108.99 for a 5-by-8; and Spring Maid by Springs, which is sold with a pair of scissors so consumers can cut the rugs into the shape that they need.