cut the crap

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cut the comedy

Stop fooling around. Boys! Cut the comedy and focus on these math problems!
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cut the crap

1. rude slang Stop trying to be deceptive. Often used as an imperative. Cut the crap—I know you're lying to me. Look, can we cut the crap and call this what it is? I'm being fired, not "reallocated."
2. rude slang Stop fooling around. Often used as an imperative. We'll never get this room painted unless you guys cut the crap and start working!
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Cut the crap!

exclam. Stop the nonsense! (Usually objectionable.) Cut the crap. Talk straight or get out.
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1 Cut the crap 2 Stop drinking beer 3 Start exercising Yes, it really is that simple, folks.
Facing up to the realities of life, they have cut the crap in favour of the facts.
After years of scientific research, social engineering, acres of column inches in newspapers and armies of agony aunts dispensing advice on how to hang on to your man, Liddle has cut the crap.
THE hardest thing about my Cut The Crap fitness regime has been blanking cheese 'n' onion crisps.
The band's live performances and albums, including their 1998 debut album "Let's Cut the Crap and Hook Up Later on Tonight," have been heralded by critics across the music circuit.
Memo to Mr Blaine: Cut the crap next time you're in the good old United Kingdom.
So forget about Monday morning and keep ripping up the floor with some hard-hitting house at the straight talking Cut The Crap night.
CUT the Crap - and head to Mas for their new Sunday night.
They should take one last look at Audley Harrison and then cut the crap.
Referring to Beeb boss Greg Dyke's catchphrase - "Cut the crap and make it happen" - he said: "What about cut the crap programmes, make more good ones happen?