cut something short

cut (someone or something) short

1. To interrupt someone so that they stop talking. I was sick of listening to her story so I finally cut her short.
2. To end something unexpectedly or abruptly before its planned conclusion. No one was disappointed when the principal's microphone came unplugged, cutting his speech short.
See also: cut, short

cut something ˈshort

make something end before the natural time; interrupt something: We’ll have to cut our stay short, I’m afraid. My husband’s father is seriously ill.Our conversation was cut short by the arrival of the teacher.
See also: cut, short, something
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At least when he was on the piste he didn't go the same way as the head of a certain significant competitor who, a Whitehall source tells me, is still unable to frequent his favourite Hertfordshire line-dancing dub due to injuries sustained as he cut something short of a dash on the Austrian slopes this year.