cut a break

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cut (one) a break

To do something that makes life easier for someone else. A: "You cut them a break and charged them much less than me!" B: "Yeah, because they're family members and you're not!" Oh, you know I never make requests like this, cut me a break.
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cut someone a break

 and cut someone some slack
Sl., to give someone a break; to allow someone a reprieve from the consequences of an action. Come on, cut me a break! I'm a good guy! I was only a few minutes late! Cut me a break! Don't dock my pay! Cut me some slack and I'll be sure to pay you all I owe in a month.
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Too much is made of the fact that Rooney is still only 19, and that he should be cut some slack.
Davis also said Schwarzenegger should be cut some slack - particularly for some of the comments he has made.
He has to be strong and firm,but as Rooney is only an 18-year-old there are times when he will have to cut some slack.
Maybe the relentless emphasis on price has to be backed off from and the industry cut some slack on being allowed to ask for -- and get -- price increases.
Fein, who authored Nicaragua's Constitution: Echoes of Mein Kempf during the Sandinista years and never displayed much sympathy for the Sandinistas when they were under attack from the Reagan administration-backed contras, insists the Sudanese government should be cut some slack.
TOMMY WRIGHT insists St Johnstone can handle the "kicking" they have taken since their Europa League exit last week - but says his players deserve to be cut some slack.
Like most of us who hail from this neck of the woods, he will have been prepared to cut some slack.
NEIL WARNOCK feels Kevin Doyle deserves to be cut some slack.
AFTER delivering so much at Manchester City over the last two seasons, Roberto Mancini would probably expect to be cut some slack.
When Charles mentioned a few weeks ago that "bigotry" was at the core of the move to place Rangers in the Third Division he was cut some slack because, as an Englishman, he didn't use that word in the context in which it's used in everyday life in Scotland.
Elsewhere, Mylo Xyloto possesses the usual amount of middle-of-the-road filler but Coldplay should be cut some slack.
Again, Boston's starting pitching was inadequate, although Erik Bedard should be cut some slack.
Then, Collins says, is the time Wales really have to get it right - but reckons the camp need to be cut some slack until then after insisting the manager has put them on the right path.