cut out of

cut something out of something

 and cut something out
to cut a pattern or shape from cloth, paper, sheet metal, etc.; to remove something from something by cutting; to excise something from something. (When both out and of are used, no direct object can intervene.) Sam cut a pig out from the paper. I cut the picture out of a magazine. I cut out the shape of the moon from the paper.
See also: cut, of, out
References in classic literature ?
It was "The Old Oaken Bucket," cut out of a newspaper and nearly worn out.
They were exactly alike, from one end of the line to the other, and all were cut out of paper and joined together in the centers of their bodies.
From the end it was easy to see that the entire line had been cut out of paper, although from the front the soldiers looked rather solid and imposing.
This is live paper,' she said, 'and all the dolls you cut out of it will be alive, and able to think and to talk.
Has a piece cut out of each ear, and the middle finger of the left hand cut off to the second joint.