cut (one's) own throat

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cut (one's) own throat

To cause problems for oneself with one's own actions (which are often motivated by anger). I know you're mad at your dad, but don't cut your own throat here—running away is only going to make your life harder.
See also: cut, own, throat

cut your own throat

bring about your own downfall by your actions.
See also: cut, own, throat

cut your own ˈthroat

do something that is likely to harm you, especially when you are angry and trying to harm somebody else: You cut your own throat when you told him to leave. How are you going to manage alone?
See also: cut, own, throat

cut one’s own throat

tv. to do something that harms oneself. He’s just cutting his own throat, and he knows it.
See also: cut, own, throat
References in periodicals archive ?
ss McCoist said: "I was really disappointed as I thought we cut our own throats with the manner of defending for goals one and three.
But we have cut our own throats, a silly square ball and they have gone through us like a knife through butter.
Moore said "We cut our own throats for the second game in a row.
We cut our own throats and we did not have enough big men out there to take command," said Moore.
We hospitals cut our own throats with HMO regulation," explains Roger Green, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Planning at St.
Brown snapped: "We cut our own throats by giving Middlesbrough all three of their goals through mistakes.
SIR ALEX Ferguson saw Manchester United's Treble dream die last night and then admitted: "We cut our own throats.
Boss Ronnie Moore said: "We cut our own throats for the first goal and got done with an alehouse ball for the second.
We might have cut our own throats when we lost against Coventry on New Year's Day.
It was total and utter neglect - we cut our own throats," complained Megson.
We could have cut our own throats tonight," admitted Fergie, who was rattled by Mark van Bommel's 75th minute equaliser for Eindhoven.