cut one's losses

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cut (one's) losses

To stop an action that has resulted in loss or failure or leave a failing situation before it gets worse. Man, this venture is going nowhere—I think we're better off cutting our losses than agreeing to rent this space for another year.
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cut one's losses

Withdraw from a losing situation, as in They decided to close down the unprofitable branch and cut their losses. This expression uses cut in the sense of "reduce" (also see cut down, def. 2).
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cut one’s losses

tv. to do something to stop a loss of something. I knew I had to do something to cut my losses, but it was almost too late.
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The first is to cut one's losses and leave the market, which is a move that won't do much to A & P's status with analysts and other industry observers.
I advise that if the downward trend is caused by actual individual unfavorable conditions (and not general market conditions), it is best to cut one's losses early, sell the stock and move on.