cut (someone or something) with (something)

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cut (someone or something) with (something)

1. To cut or gash a part of the body on something sharp or dangerous Here is a sharper knife, but please be careful not to cut yourself with it.
2. To slice or chop something with a particular tool or implement. You'll only be able to cut that rind with a sharper knife.
3. To add a substance to something in order to dilute it. Be sure to cut that juice with water before you give it to the kids. If the coffee is too strong, try cutting it with cream and sugar.
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cut someone or something with something

 and cut someone or something on something
to slice someone or something with or on something. Don't cut yourself on that sharp blade. He cut the bread with a dull knife and crushed it.
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cut something with something

to dilute something with something else. They cut the liquor with cold water. Please cut this with some soda. It's too sweet, otherwise.
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I used to pick up anything off the street, be it glass or a stone - I'd cut myself with anything I got my hands on."
'The first time I cut myself with a paper clip I liked how it felt, so I kept on doing it'
A turning point in Leatham's life occurs when she is finally given a label for her condition: "When people asked what was wrong with me, I could say, 'It's manic depression,' rather than, 'I sometimes get this inexplicable urge to cut myself with razor blades.'"