cut (oneself) on (something)

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cut (oneself) on (something)

To cut or gash a part of one's body on some sharp object, especially accidentally. We came back early because Jeff cut himself on a shell at the beach. Tara cut herself on a shard of glass from the broken mirror.
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cut something on something

1. to slice something on or against something, accidentally. I cut my finger on the knife. Maria cut her foot on the broken glass.
2. to slice something that is lying on something else. I cut the tomatoes on the cutting board your mother gave us.
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cut oneself on something

to slice one's flesh with something accidentally. Careful, you will cut yourself on that knife. Careful! Don't cut yourself on that broken glass.
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I was so angry and frustrated that I thought, "If I use this to cut myself, I'll feel better--and they'll understand how depressed I am." So I used the clip to cut myself on my arms, and blood poured out.