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The last British manager at Stamford Bridge yesterday said: "I cut my teeth at Swindon.
I am certain some wag will say "what does she know about football" - I cut my teeth on a Cardiff City season ticket, my parents were at the cup final when Cardiff won; and were also at the match when Bancroft broke his leg.
HAVING cut my teeth as a reporter in Wrexham, where I first met Martyn Jones (pictured), I can't think of anyone less likely to have a brush with the law.
I cut my teeth on HKS speedloaders as a baby-cop more years ago than I care to actually say out loud.
Portman knew he liked writing and went to work at a local paper, the Portage la Prairie Daily Graphic, where "I cut my teeth writing obits.
I cut my teeth on small theater,'' she said, adding that she looks upon the event as a vehicle to help her step into midsize theater.
I cut my teeth - in terms of speaking English - on Allan Sherman,'' says Krausz, 36.
I cut my teeth on the marathon here and now I am coming back as world record-holder.