cut losses

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cut (one's) losses

To stop an action that has resulted in loss or failure or leave a failing situation before it gets worse. Man, this venture is going nowhere—I think we're better off cutting our losses than agreeing to rent this space for another year.
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cut one's losses

to do something to stop a loss of something. I knew I had to do something to cut my losses, but it was almost too late. Sell some of the high-priced stuff to cut your losses.
See also: cut, loss

cut (one's) losses

To withdraw from a losing situation.
See also: cut, loss
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China remains a difficult area for the group as sales fell, though the company cut losses from pounds 11m to pounds 7m.
Its restructuring efforts, which have included the closure of loss-making stores, helped cut losses to pounds 5.
73 million of debt, said its 2010 net loss narrowed as the Kuwait-based company cut losses in investment banking, and brokerage and interest payments declined.
This replacement will start this year and will allow to cut losses by half, the Severelectro Director General said.
In my opinion, it would be better to cut losses now and withdraw all troops from the region.
Managem cut losses thanks to rising world metals prices and increased output at its mines.
The cash comes as a reward for helping the troubled bank cut losses from pounds 1.
The global unveiling of Figo in India comes at a time when Ford is struggling to cut losses worldwide and adopted a global strategy called ' One Ford' under which it will use the same global platforms to generate various products in different markets.
AaAsian shares edged up as the data supported regional recovery hopes, while the Australian dollar cut losses against the dollar and yen and oil prices rose above $72 a barrel.
Ahead of weekend, investors in Tokyo continued selling to take profits or cut losses after the key Nikkei index hit a six-and-a-half-year intraday high Thursday, at 17,617.
His solution to cut losses at Jaguar includes axing the X-Type.
Mitsubishi is to supply 30,000 SUVs a year to Peugeot - its latest bid to cut losses at underused plants.
Weak financing paired with patents nearing expiration have driven companies to look for quick ways to expand their product portfolios and cut losses.
Nearly eight years after the Oslo deal, it was time to cut losses.