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In short, existing picture hanging solutions in the market simply don't cut it!
The resolution prompted a fiery response from Hun Sen, who on Sunday said he would not be a 'dog that acts just for only a bone or a piece of meat', and dared the EU to 'cut it!'
Thirty three pupils in a small classroom will not cut it!
the suburban customer demonstrated quite different propensities and needs compared with either the rural or the city centre customer - it became very clear that a generic proposition in terms of opening hours simply didn't cut it! Accordingly, we started to experiment with different opening hour models, including Saturdays for branches in malls (where you were paying top dollar anyway for retail space!) to town centres and also took a look at early morning opening on market days in rural towns, where there was a strong farming preference!
Nice words of support from Ottawa won't cut it! Ditto for Latvia.
And, 21st Century Fox just doesn't cut it! If these corporate big wigs have any common sense, they'll stay within tradition!
AS the temperature drops sometimes gloves just don't cut it! So let us treat you to a pair of free hand warmers, perfect to keep inside your gloves, pockets or even in the car.
"I don't know, let me ask the Command policy guru" does not cut it! Remember your boss is looking to you for a solution to the issue.
The duty is already too high to raise it, but there isn't enough cash to cut it!" ACCA Chas Roy-Chowdhury To see the full transcript of the Post's emergency Budget live blog, visit
She explained to FOX News: "I went to dye my hair blonde from black and it was going really well and then something happened during that last process where they put the toner on and it made all my hair fall out and I was just like, 'Cut it!'
BBC is paying no attention to jump racing and three days at Aintree just will not cut it! martinmull
Plus I have to be grateful if they don't cut it!" And this is without taking into consideration that costs to attend the traditional trade shows increase every year, be it because of the exchange rate, inflation or one thing or another.
Yellow lettering on clouds just doesn't cut it! Other than that, however, this is a good buy that contains some really rip-roaring tales and superb history.