cut (one's) own throat

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cut (one's) own throat

To cause problems for oneself with one's own actions (which are often motivated by anger). I know you're mad at your dad, but don't cut your own throat here—running away is only going to make your life harder.
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cut your own throat

bring about your own downfall by your actions.
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cut your own ˈthroat

do something that is likely to harm you, especially when you are angry and trying to harm somebody else: You cut your own throat when you told him to leave. How are you going to manage alone?
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cut one’s own throat

tv. to do something that harms oneself. He’s just cutting his own throat, and he knows it.
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TheBritish Transport Police(BTP) officer was helping a man who had cut his own throat when the sick abuse was hurled at her.
The victim managed to flee and alert a neighbour when Condor, 40 - who had been on a 72-hour drink and drugs binge at the time - tried to cut his own throat after the assault.
Andrew Coleman, defending, said Johnson cut his own throat in that incident and could not remember the latest offence.
Passers-by watched as the man then cut his own throat with knives.
A couple's 8-month-old son disappears in "The Lost Baby." And in the book's grisliest and best story, "Wildfire Johnny," a man finds an ivory-handled razor that allows him to travel 24 hours back in time whenever he uses it to cut his own throat.
Tennessee sheriff's deputies say a man smoking a drug called "wasp" was found naked outside a home after he broke in, sat at the family's kitchen table and cut his own throat.
Next, they believe Hsu cut his own throat and then leaped out of the window as well to commit suicide.
On running to investigate, he found that Catherine was lying on her back covered in blood and Francis was attempting to cut his own throat with a carving knife.
I just hope he doesn't cut his own throat in the process.
Evidence suggests that he stabbed them all then cut his own throat.
According to autopsy reports, 51-year-old Kishi Ryoichi slashed his wrists and then cut his own throat. His body was found at the entrance to a cemetery in the Altynova district of Yalova province.
"He sat on the bed and tried to cut his own throat but felt too much pain and was afraid of his own blood and called police."
A MAN cut his own throat in court yesterday as a judge jailed him for 16 weeks.
The four-year-old Hinterland cut his own throat by going off far too quickly at Exeter on his chase debut and it is fascinating that Nicholls' put the maiden in Grade 1 company.
The pathologist said that footprints leading from the body to the kitchen and back again, coupled with slight "tentative" wounds to the neck and the absence of any defensive wounds meant Mr Miah, 47, probably cut his own throat.