cut (someone or something) with (something)

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cut (someone or something) with (something)

1. To cut or gash a part of the body on something sharp or dangerous Here is a sharper knife, but please be careful not to cut yourself with it.
2. To slice or chop something with a particular tool or implement. You'll only be able to cut that rind with a sharper knife.
3. To add a substance to something in order to dilute it. Be sure to cut that juice with water before you give it to the kids. If the coffee is too strong, try cutting it with cream and sugar.
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cut someone or something with something

 and cut someone or something on something
to slice someone or something with or on something. Don't cut yourself on that sharp blade. He cut the bread with a dull knife and crushed it.
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cut something with something

to dilute something with something else. They cut the liquor with cold water. Please cut this with some soda. It's too sweet, otherwise.
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She said she cut herself with scissors as she tried to recover from seven career-threatening injuries, starting with one she suffered at the 1997 world championships.
Washington, June 12 ( ANI ): Paramedics were dispatched to Paris Jackson's home on a report that the 15-year-old had taken 20 Motrin pills and cut herself with a kitchen knife, it has been revealed.
After the attack, Edmonds cut herself with a blade then rang 999 and claimed a burglar had injured her and her 14-year-old pet.
Her father is consumed with worry for his wife, so Scarlet is able to skip meals and cut herself with no parental intervention.
The 20-year-old reportedly cut herself with a sharp object and later locked herself in a toilet.
A WOMAN cut herself with a piece of glass then claimed to police her boyfriend had stabbed her.
Mum Margery Robinson, of Northop Hall, said her daughter had made frequent suicide attempts, including incidents in the past when she had set her bedroom on fire and cut herself with a broken glass.
Olympic star Kelly Holmes cut herself with scissors just a year before her double gold win in Athens.
A Midland woman died as she waited for an ambulance after a freak accident in which she cut herself with a kitchen knife while cooking dinner.
Police officers who found Jordan in a Chicago hotel room had to subdue her after she allegedly tried to cut herself with a corkscrew.
She cut herself with a razor for 15 years and kept her illness a secret.