cut throat

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cut (someone's) throat

To bring about or be the cause of someone's ruin, downfall, or failure. That discount supermarket is cutting our throats, there's no way we can compete with their prices! Jim set out to cut his brother's throat after finding out that he'd been swindled.
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cut one's (own) throat

Fig. [for someone] to bring about one's (own) failure. If I were to run for office, I'd just be cutting my throat. Judges who take bribes are cutting their own throats.
See also: cut, throat
References in classic literature ?
There ain't,' said Sikes, fixing his eyes upon her, and muttering the words to himself; 'there ain't a stauncher-hearted gal going, or I'd have cut her throat three months ago.
Then they lifted the heifer's head from off the ground, and Pisistratus cut her throat.
Do you know, I was so wild about her at that time that if she had told me to poison Marfa Petrovna or to cut her throat and to marry herself, it would have been done at once
Prosecutors claim he initially tried to strangle Ami Tursiya Takiyat, 29, but cut her throat when he couldn't kill her with his bare hands.
A MAN who slashed his former partner across the face with a craft knife -and tried to cut her throat -was yesterday jailed for 10 years.
The victim told deputies one of the men threatened to cut her throat and the other hit her with a hard object before fleeing.
He strangled 33-year-old Belinda, cut her throat, fractured her skull and broke her cheekbone during a frenzied attack, Inner London Crown Court was told.
In Bowes' case, it is arguable he got off lightly, having threatened a woman to whom he accidentally sent one of the vile images, that he would cut her throat if she did not drop her complaint to gardai.
Italian Danilo Restivo, 39, entered the flat of his neighbour Heather Barnett in Bournemouth in 2002 and bludgeoned her with a hammer and cut her throat.
Steve Livingstone, 36, burgled and vandalised his expartner's flat after they split up, then tailed her across the country from North Wales to Bristol before threatening to cut her throat in a terrifying assault.
During the bloody attack, the defendant, described as a very dangerous man who is likely to kill again, slashed at his victim's body and cut her throat.
Using at least two weapons - probably a knife and a Phillips screwdriver - he stabbed her over 100 times, predominantly to the head and torso - he also cut her throat.
A FARMER'S guns were confiscated by police after she called 999 over intruders who threatened to cut her throat.
A KILLER who allegedly strangled his partner with her baby's tights then cut her throat, had been violent to her and previous partners in the past, a court heard.
The 61-year-old nun was stoned by the girls, all aged 17, who then cut her throat and mixed her blood with their own as part of the ritual in the village of Chiavenna.