cut (one's) own throat

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cut (one's) own throat

To cause problems for oneself with one's own actions (which are often motivated by anger). I know you're mad at your dad, but don't cut your own throat here—running away is only going to make your life harder.
See also: cut, own, throat

cut your own throat

bring about your own downfall by your actions.
See also: cut, own, throat

cut your own ˈthroat

do something that is likely to harm you, especially when you are angry and trying to harm somebody else: You cut your own throat when you told him to leave. How are you going to manage alone?
See also: cut, own, throat

cut one’s own throat

tv. to do something that harms oneself. He’s just cutting his own throat, and he knows it.
See also: cut, own, throat
References in periodicals archive ?
PSNI officers were justified in using tasers including one occasion where a woman threatened to cut her own throat, the Ombudsman has found.
Yoselyn Ortega, 50, allegedly killed Lucia Krim, 6, and Leo Krim, 2, and tried to cut her own throat when the mother of the children, Marina Krim, came home to find the gruesome scene.
Pc Steve Coughlan was also commended for saving the life of a woman who threatened to cut her own throat with scissors and a six-inch carving knife at mental health facility.
They believe he fled Jacksonville on Friday after leaving a note in which he said Lauterbach cut her own throat in a suicide.
But as she sat above him, she stabbed him repeatedly before trying to cut her own throat and throwing herself off the balcony of their home in Edinburgh.
Sources said that when officers arrived at the house, Mr Brett told them his wife had cut her own throat.
A COP'S pregnant wife poisoned their six-year-old son before using a power saw to cut her own throat.