cut from

cut (someone or something) from (something)

1. To separate something from something else by cutting. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cut" and "from." I think that cutting these branches from the tree will bring more light into the house.
2. To deny someone a position on a team or other roster, typically after a tryout due to a lack of skill. It's always tough to cut kids from the team, but unfortunately we can only have 12 players.
3. To remove someone from a scheduled appearance, performance, etc. They cut him from the lineup after it was revealed that he had bribed the producers for his spot. The booker cut me from the show because I missed the rehearsal.
4. To remove a portion of a creative work, such as a written work or a film; to edit something out of something. The director said in the interview that she decided to cut several minutes from the middle of the film because it was too long. Do you think I should cut this paragraph from my essay?
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cut something from something

to remove something from something by cutting. She carefully cut the blossoms from the bush. A few blossoms were cut from the bush.
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References in classic literature ?
A whaleman's nipper is a short firm strip of tendinous stuff cut from the tapering part of Leviathan's tail: it averages an inch in thickness, and for the rest, is about the size of the iron part of a hoe.
Many patches can be cut from strips of fabric by rotary cutting.
To cut from a template, place the template face down on the wrong side of the fabric and trace with a sharp pencil.
The speedplate also allows the extractor to pull the frame and over cut from the road after cutting.
* $250 million cut from programs to train doctors and other health care professionals so rich people can have more money.
* Small Business Administration cut from $611 million to $593 million so rich people can have more money.
This means that beavers can cut from the uphill side (where they can sit safely and easily) when cutting near shore and still have the trees fall toward the water.
Therefore, beavers trying to control the direction trees fall should cut from the side nearest the water to minimize the distance the trunk or branches need to be dragged.
There are four main portions cut from the pig carcass that qualify as pork chops: center cut chops, rib chops, blade chops, and pork sirloin chops.
Enough was enough, thought Stephen Neal, who'd experienced the damage on a personal level: His roommate, a freshman walk-on, was cut from the squad.
Very little dimension lumber was cut from it, however, until carbide saw blades were developed.
Of the $11.7 billion slated to be cut from the overall 1986 budget, an estimated $2.5 billion is to come from research and development (R&D) programs -- primarily within the Department of Defense.
If you're left-handed, approach the cut from the opposite direction with a red-handled snips (Photo 2).
The plan had a big hook: Every dollar cut from spending would also reduce the spending caps enacted in Clinton's budget.