cut down to size

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cut (someone or something) down to size

1. To criticize one in an attempt to deflate their ego. A: "That guy always dominates the class discussion with his rambling, inane thoughts like he's some genius." B: "I know! It's time to cut him down to size."
2. To minimize the importance of something. We need to cut the board down to size before they continue their pattern of overreach.
See also: cut, down, size

cut (someone) down to size

To deflate the self-importance of (someone).
See also: cut, down, size
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DUCHESS Kate felt like she had been cut down to size yesterday - when a young fan proudly showed her a lookalike doll.
WANNABE rocker Jamie Archer feared he'd lost his mojo after his afro was cut down to size.
The German giants, Group C favourites, were cut down to size by a 3-0 defeat in the Austrian capital in their opening game.
St Edwards, after a good winning run, were cut down to size away to Sale Amateurs where they finished 29-10 losers.
However, there was, shall we say, a difference of opinions if not cultures and Bates was cut down to size and forced to leave his place on The Bridge.
TOWERING Leylandii hedges which block natural light from gardens could be cut down to size under government plans announced today.
MANY king-size chocolate bars will be cut down to size as the food and drinks industry tackles the obesity epidemic head-on.
Now the United boss is demanding to see Second Division Colchester cut down to size as his playersd try to salvage their season.
The Russian's 10-inch height advantage counted for nothing as she was cut down to size in quite ruthless fashion by an inspired Ennis.
But Glasgow matchplay champion Craig, playing in only his third Scottish, was himself cut down to size in the third round, losing at the 20th hole to former Scotland boys cap Robert Taylor of Downfield.
It was an undignified blame game by a tyrant cut down to size.
The big question was: had Tiger been cut down to size at dawn by a gang of lawnmowers?
POP Idol's Mr Nasty Simon Cowell is cut down to size in a classic TV moment by Homer Simpson.
Blades were cut down to size by trialist Derek Asamoah's late winner.
JOHN McENROE, Boris Becker and Martina Navratilova insist rackets should be cut down to size because tennis is "tedious" and "boring".