cut down to size

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cut (someone or something) down to size

1. To criticize one in an attempt to deflate their ego. A: "That guy always dominates the class discussion with his rambling, inane thoughts like he's some genius." B: "I know! It's time to cut him down to size."
2. To minimize the importance of something. We need to cut the board down to size before they continue their pattern of overreach.
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cut (someone) down to size

To deflate the self-importance of (someone).
See also: cut, down, size
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Fajardo, giant of a San Miguel star, was cut down to size by Alaska's sizzling speedsters.
And the crowd were delighted at the sight of Freddie Burns being cut down to size on his Kingsholm return.
CITY conservationists have called for a proposed 13-storey office block to be cut down to size because it will loom over a historic pub and neighbouring buildings.
A lesson to all politicians who think they can launch a charm offensive of their own choosing, only to be cut down to size by an experienced media person who instinctively knows there''s more to running the country than cracking jokes and patting babies on the head.
They come in a range of colours, including a brushed metal and tile effect, and can be easily cut down to size.
Perhaps the most valuable thing for me in coming back home is that I get myself cut down to size.
Youngsters will love it when he's cut down to size.
Johannesburg, July 1 (ANI): German football skipper Phillip Lahm has said that England was cut down to size by his team, and therefore, cannot be considered one of the big guns of this year's FIFA World Cup tournament.
Three minutes from time Eddie Nisevic fouled Adam Kelly wide but inside the area and skipper Dave Allen made no mistake from the resulting penalty while in time added on substitute Joseph Maxwell headed in from a corner although by then the New Forest boys had been cut down to size and out of the play-offs.
With one suitor cut down to size on the mortuary slab, the terrified teenager doesn't know where to turn - and books an appointment for a check-up with gynaecologist Dr Godfrey (Pais).
The agency sent someone to look at the tree, but months later there was still no sign of it being cut down to size.
The underlying liberal vision was that private property was the instrument of individuals of privilege and power, which had to be cut down to size by an alert legislature that had the interests of the little man at heart.
King-size chocolate bars are to be cut down to size as the food and drinks industry tackles obesity head-on.
Mrs Whitfield said: "What we've done is cut down to size information that is used by legal professionals in Lexis Nexis premium publications and changed it to work alongside our own legal information so that any small business owner can understand it and use it.