cut down to

cut (something) down to (something)

To make something smaller or more manageable. Thanks to the yard sale, we were able to cut our Christmas decorations down to just one box.
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cut something down to something

to reduce something to a manageable size. We cut the program down to size and it was very enjoyable. We cut down the program to a half hour.
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He said at the Khyber Union of Journalist's program 'Meet the Press', "Instead of two rotis let's cut down to one roti."
EcANAKKALE (CyHAN)- Forests surrounding city center with plenty of trees are being cut down to be used for construction in the northwestern province of Ecanakkale.
Mike Cunningham, the council's principal lighting engineer, said: "Any columns that fail the test will be cut down to just above the base for safety reasons.
While the sale of Petrol and Diesel have also been cut down to 30 %.
I learned to cut down cheese by grating it or using stronger flavour and I have cut down to 1 per cent milk rather than semi-skimmed," he said.
"It was a green lung in this area of Rugby, and now the smaller trees at Shepherd's Hey have been cut down to make room for this development, the lung has effectively been cut in half."