cut back to

cut back to (someone or something)

To return to a shot of someone or something, as in TV or film. After that flashback, we'll cut back to the happy couple, who don't look quite so happy anymore.
See also: back, cut

cut back to someone or something

[for a film or television camera] to return to a picture of someone or something. Suddenly, the camera cut back to the reporter, whounprepared—just stood there. The scene cut back to the veranda overlooking the bay.
See also: back, cut
References in classic literature ?
A child on the watch, came towards them to beg; and Miss Bickerton, excessively frightened, gave a great scream, and calling on Harriet to follow her, ran up a steep bank, cleared a slight hedge at the top, and made the best of her way by a short cut back to Highbury.
Or if they are growing up a trunk they can be pollarded - cut back to the top of the trunk.
The participants averaged 3,600 mg of sodium a day when they entered the study, so they cut back to 2,600 to 2,800 mg a day during the first 1 1/2 to 3 years of the study (intakes weren't measured afterwards).
A Ideally the best time to prune the large macrophylla hydrangeas, be they the Lace cap or hortensia types, is spring, when the stems should be cut back to ground level.
A TOURIST was stranded on cliffs for eight hours after trying to take a short cut back to her lodgings.