cut back to

cut back to (someone or something)

To return to a shot of someone or something, as in TV or film. After that flashback, we'll cut back to the happy couple, who don't look quite so happy anymore.
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cut back to someone or something

[for a film or television camera] to return to a picture of someone or something. Suddenly, the camera cut back to the reporter, whounprepared—just stood there. The scene cut back to the veranda overlooking the bay.
See also: back, cut, to
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References in classic literature ?
A child on the watch, came towards them to beg; and Miss Bickerton, excessively frightened, gave a great scream, and calling on Harriet to follow her, ran up a steep bank, cleared a slight hedge at the top, and made the best of her way by a short cut back to Highbury.
Although it's always best to prune when a shrub is dormant, if you cut back to above a bud it should regrow immediately.
Or if they are growing up a trunk they can be pollarded - cut back to the top of the trunk.
The participants averaged 3,600 mg of sodium a day when they entered the study, so they cut back to 2,600 to 2,800 mg a day during the first 1 1/2 to 3 years of the study (intakes weren't measured afterwards).
A Ideally the best time to prune the large macrophylla hydrangeas, be they the Lace cap or hortensia types, is spring, when the stems should be cut back to ground level.
"I cut back to two centers--the two largest--and I feel like I have much more control over my life."
IT CONSULTANCY Terence Chapman has fallen into the red as customers cut back to cope with the tougher economic climate.
A TOURIST was stranded on cliffs for eight hours after trying to take a short cut back to her lodgings.