cut around

cut around (something)

To make a sharp turn around something. To evade the police, the robber tried to cut around the car parked at the end of the block but wound up crashing into it.
See also: around, cut

cut around something

to move rapidly around something, such as a corner, pole, beam, etc. The cat cut around a corner and escaped from the dog. The speeding car cut around the light pole and almost hit it.
See also: around, cut
References in classic literature ?
It took thirty-two separate borings to cut around that lock.
Edge Cut around tombstones, along fences, stairs and walls.
Cut your potatoes in half (it's best for adults to do this), draw the design into the flat edge and cut around the outline with a sharp knife to create your own potato stamp.
The automaker is planning to cut around 500 jobs and move its focus to sport utility vehicles.
LONDON: US bank Citi has cut around 35 jobs across its capital markets trading operation in London, sources said yesterday.
Britain's newly-privatised postal operator Royal Mail said on Tuesday it would cut around 1,300 operational and head office jobs in order to deliver annualised savings of 50 million pounds ($82.
Abu Dhabi's Emirates Steel has cut around half the banks who applied to fund its $1.
Staple gun STEP 1: Lay the pin board face down over your wadding and chosen fabric and cut around, leaving enough space either side to fold over your board.
Step Two: Cut around the Outside When the winding process is complete, hold the pom pom discs securely, then cut around the edges of the wool using scissors.
The bank said that it was planning to cut around 14,000 more jobs globally to save USD3bn in costs and increase shareholder dividends.
Official responsible of the West Bank settlements file, Ghassan Douglas, told Palestinian official news agency WAFA that settlers cut around 130 olive trees.
Within weeks of taking over as CEO, Kazuo Hirai has unveiled a revival strategy for Sony Corp, which will see the firm cut around 10,000 jobs.
TEPCO plans to cut around 3,600 jobs by the end of March 2014 as part of cost reduction efforts.
Which bank has announced plans to cut around 3,500 staff in its investment banking arm over the next three years?
Athena, Dhu-AlHijjah 21, 1432, Nov 17, 2011, SPA -- The Greek Finance Ministry said on Thursday it had begun talks with private sector bondholders represented by the Institute of International Finance on a bond swap which aims to cut around 100 billion euros from its debt, Reuters reported.