cut along

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cut along (something)

Literally, to cut or trim something using a line or border as a guide. Some of my kindergarteners still have trouble cutting along the dotted line.
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cut along something

to make a cut following a line or guide. Please cut along the dotted line. My hand is too shaky to cut along the line neatly.
See also: cut
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Lay it on one of its sides; cut along one long side, and the two short ends.
Transport authority Centro has agreed to pay pounds 6,698 to compensate for the trees which are being cut along Upper Bull Street, Corporation Street, Stephenson Place, Ethel Street and Pinfold Street.
Gourcuff missed coach Laurent Blanc's final cut along with young defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, who helped Girard lead Montpellier to their first Ligue 1 title last season.
But Hartlepool's Graeme Storm recorded another 71 yesterday to miss the cut along with Robert Dinwiddie of Barnard Castle after two level-par rounds of 70.
Cut along the groove with a jigsaw, circular saw or panel saw - depending on the type and thickness of the worktop.
For sandwich makers, Snowbird is cutting 50g Pork, Lincolnshire and Cumberland sausages are cut along their 28mm length into two or three slices.
Now cut along the folded edge except for the two ends.
5 per cent cut along with several other central banks during recent banking turmoil.
Hold the straight edge against each crease and then cut along it with the knife.
Unfold and cut along natural folds to form a total of 6 equal rectangular pieces (from both sheets of puff pastry).
A geologist, George Cavey, was performing a gold exploration program on a property west of the Hemlo discovery in 1985 when he noticed an interesting stone within a rock cut along the Trans-Canada Highway.
Cut along the top, bottom, and one side of the door so it can be opened.
Then cut along the dotted line, and put this list where you will see it every day as a reminder.