cut across

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cut across (something)

1. To move across an area, often as a shortcut. I'm sick of all these kids cutting across my yard in order to get to the school down the street. We'll get there quicker if we cut across the park.
2. To break through a particular barrier. Because that senator's views really seem to cut across party lines, I think he'll be able to appeal to the most people as our presidential candidate.
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cut across something

1. . and cut across Lit. to travel across a particular area; to take a shortcut across a particular area. Please don't cut across the neighbor's yard anymore.
2. Fig. to reach beyond something; to embrace a wide variety; to slice across a figurative boundary or barrier. His teaching cut across all human cultures and races. This rule cuts across all social barriers.
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cut across

Go beyond, transcend, as in The new regulations cut across class lines. This figurative use of cut across, which literally means "run through" or "intersect," dates from the 1920s.
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cut across

1. To travel across some region, rather than around it: We can get to the house faster if we just cut across the front lawn.
2. To affect or concern a number of different groups of persons or things: The issue of health care cuts across all social classes.
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GAO has previously reported that GPRA, with its focus on strategic planning, the development of long-term goals, and accountability for results, provides a framework Congress, OMB, and executive branch agencies can use to consider the appropriate mix of long-term strategic goals and strategies needed to identify and address issues that cut across agency boundaries.
Since its operations cut across insurance, banking and investments, ING is continually challenged to get regulators and the financial community to assess it as a worldwide, unified operation, Maas said.
If we model critical thinking practices ourselves, if we emphasize solving problems with all relevant technologies, if we teach in ways that cut across disciplines, and if we develop programs and strategies that emphasize disciplined and self-aware thought, analysis, creativity, intellectual courage, and openness to ideas old and new, we can be genuinely effective in preparing our students for work and for life in the contemporary world.
Government statistics show that inequities in health care cut across multiple health and disease categories and affect a rainbow of minority populations.
Block associations cut across class and occupation, reconfiguring attachments among the townspeople.
Oceanographic Institution indicate that the motions are reflected on a much finer scale in the structure of fracture zones that cut across ocean basins, perpendicular to mid-oceanic ridges.
This data, with a five-meter posting and vertical accuracy at one meter or better, is ideally suited for advanced GIS applications that cut across a wide variety of disciplines," said Michael Platt, president of IntraSearch, Inc.
The Eagles led 14-6 when Thomas broke through the line of scrimmage and cut across the field on a 69-yard scoring run.
It cut across, from south to north, at an angle that later disrupted the orderly grid of city streets laid out by the city planners in 1811.
Since the pillar reflects the light directly back onto the image, a glowing vertical streak appears to cut across the reeds like an auratic intervention from above.
But an intensive 3-year preschool program appears to foster general problem-solving skills that cut across subject areas in later grades, says Sprigle.
Akorri addresses a significant IT management challenge - the inability of the different "silos" within an IT organization to get visibility into performance, availability and utilization problems that cut across multiple domains.
Make a diagonal slant at the top of each shoot and a horizontal cut across the bottom to avoid confusion about which end to insert into the rooting medium.
Noguchi's works are deceptively simple: Most here were landscapes with horizon lines that cut across the lower third of the photograph.
This slowdown cut across nearly all industry sectors and size categories.