cut across

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cut across (something)

1. To move across an area, often as a shortcut. I'm sick of all these kids cutting across my yard in order to get to the school down the street. We'll get there quicker if we cut across the park.
2. To break through some figurative barrier. Because that senator's views really seem to cut across party lines, I think he'll be able to appeal to the most people as our presidential candidate.
3. To pass through and divide something. A huge ravine cuts across that swath of land.
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cut across something

1. . and cut across Lit. to travel across a particular area; to take a shortcut across a particular area. Please don't cut across the neighbor's yard anymore.
2. Fig. to reach beyond something; to embrace a wide variety; to slice across a figurative boundary or barrier. His teaching cut across all human cultures and races. This rule cuts across all social barriers.
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cut across

Go beyond, transcend, as in The new regulations cut across class lines. This figurative use of cut across, which literally means "run through" or "intersect," dates from the 1920s.
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cut across

1. To travel across some region, rather than around it: We can get to the house faster if we just cut across the front lawn.
2. To affect or concern a number of different groups of persons or things: The issue of health care cuts across all social classes.
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Make a 1/2-in.-deep cut across the extension about 3 in.
In January a cop en route to a drug raid in Tampa, Florida, took a short cut across a neighboring lawn and shot the neighbor's two pooches on his way.
Nearby, in Baka con punti laser (Baka with Laser Points), 1976/2005, a red laser beam cut across the length of a model of a Japanese missile.
The successful favourite had a scare or two in the race as the loose-running Take The Stand cut across him more than once, most notably when Murphy was going for everything at the second-last fence.
Many issues cut across more than one agency and their actions are not well coordinated.
First, a new road is planned that will eventually cut across a portion of the site limiting (by law) any structure to a steel or wooden frame and no more than two stories in height.
While each of these participants certainly has a detailed overview of organizational activities in theater, until now there has been no single tool that could cut across regional, combatant, or major command boundaries to provide an accurate overview of all the ongoing regional security operations activities.
4, behind X5's sight line, can cut across the lane to set a pin-screen for 5, who ducks over the screen to the opposite side of the lane.
CRIME has been cut across the West Midlands - and police say a forcewide crackdown is the cause.
Mike Sibthorpe, divisional underwriting director for accident and financial at Brit Insurance Ltd., said the Olympics potentially cut across a number of lines in the organization's very wide portfolio.
LePatner, founding partner of LePatner & Associates, said, "While the survey revealed an overall industry consensus, the tabulated results followed a classic bell curve that cut across the occupational spectrum.
Cosimo and Lorenzo de' Medici both exploited and depended upon ritual and patronage ties that cut across class barriers, and encouraged charity that took into account the concerns of the working poor.
The book has five chapters on special issues--the role of infections in some cancers and chronic diseases, travel, immunocompromised persons, bioterrorism, behavioral and cultural as aspects of transmission and infection--which cut across disease categories, as well as a future-looking summary.
Some of the new boundaries followed geographic features like rivers and mountains, but many countries were given borders that cut across the desert.