cut above

cut above something

a measure or degree better than something else. Your shirt is beautiful, but mine is a cut above yours.
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cut above

Someone or something that is superior to examples of a similar nature, as in This book is a cut above his previous one. This idiom uses cut in the sense of "a higher degree or stage." [Early 1800s]
See also: above, cut

a cut aˈbove somebody/something

better than somebody/something: This is a cut above the average weekly magazine — it publishes very good articles and short stories.
References in classic literature ?
No; he had only received a cut above the temple, and perhaps a few bruises from the fall, or the hoofs of his own pony: that could not kill him if he lay there half the day; and, if he could not help himself, surely some one would be coming by: it would be impossible that a whole day should pass and no one traverse the road but ourselves.
He had got, in some way or other, a cut above his left eyebrow -- a cut to the bone.
I was told that the cut above my eye wouldn't stop bleeding so I was adviced that it was best for me to come off and get it stitched up.
However, they are still a cut above promoted Bournemouth and the previous week's win at Chelsea and their battling draw at Anfield on Sunday are more accurate illustrations of Southampton's capabilities.
com)-- A Cut Above Painting today announced the launch of www.
This will be of interest mainly to those who like a peek inside the world of fancy frocks and maybe they will even get a hint of what made Saint Laurent a cut above the others.
Zidane said: "There are always players who are a cut above, take Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid for example.
Here, Alan Yentob charts his extraordinary career, and finds out just what made Sassoon a cut above the rest.
BEST HAIR Imagine: Vidal Sassoon - A Cut Above (BBC One Wales, Tuesday 11.
NOT many teachers would have the courage to bring rap and hip-hop to the classroom, but that's what makes Amer Sheikh a cut above the rest.
In Savannah we have an 18-year-old kid for whom the sky really is the limit, Natasha just proved a cut above the rest and Sharon came through with a really gutsy series of performances.
com's tight tolerances the diamond will not be branded 'A Cut Above.
The crock pot is an essential kitchen tool for time pressed family cooks wanting to prepare nutritious and delectable meals for their households that are a distinctive cut above frozen foods zapped in a microwave.
It's what's made me what I am today, just a cut above the average American female -- 5 feet 4 inches, 142 pounds.
Many schools would be delighted to get this accolade once, but this primary has proved it's a cut above the rest as Ofsted praised teachers, support staff and management.