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cool customer

Someone who remains even-tempered, especially in stressful situations. Brad is such a cool customer. Nothing ever seems to bother him.
See also: cool, customer

an awkward customer

A troublesome person. I don't want Joe to join the club, he's just such an awkward customer.
See also: awkward, customer

the customer is always right

A phrase commonly used in the service or retail industry as a reminder to respect the customer's wishes, and therefore please them, often without regard to how unreasonable they may be. Well, the customer is always right, so if she thinks that her meal is undercooked, make her something else.
See also: always, customer, right

tough customer

A strong, determined person who is not easily intimidated, discouraged, or defeated. Our principal was a rather petite lady, but she was one tough customer! She had a difficult childhood, but it made her into a tough customer later in life. I wouldn't mess with that guy, he's a pretty tough customer.
See also: customer, tough

ugly customer

An especially mean, dangerous, or malicious person. I wouldn't go messing with that dude—he's one ugly customer. There are some ugly customers in this part of town, so watch your back.
See also: customer, ugly

one per customer

A sales policy allowing only one of a particular product to be sold per customer. A: "I'd like to buy two of those laptops, please." B: "I'm sorry. Because of stock shortages, it is only one per customer for the time being."
See also: customer, one, per

one to a customer

A sales policy allowing only one of a particular product to be sold per customer. A: "I'd like to buy two of those laptops, please." B: "I'm sorry. Because of stock shortages, it is only one to a customer for the time being."
See also: customer, one

slippery customer

1. A devious, scheming, and untrustworthy person, group, organization, etc. You're working for Brett Thompson? Watch out—that guy's a slippery customer. Companies like this are slippery customers, coming up with all sorts of elaborate means of getting around regulations.
2. Someone who is difficult or impossible to apprehend or pin down due to their cunning. The notorious criminal has proven to be a slippery customer for police, eluding capture once again.
3. Someone or something that is difficult or tricky to determine or define with certainty. Modern art is often a slippery customer because it defies the boundaries of what a lot of people consider "real" art. What some may consider utterly brilliant others will stare at and wonder why a seven-year-old couldn't have done better.
See also: customer, slippery

customer is always right

Prov. In order to keep customers happy, the people who serve them should always obey their wishes. (Often cited as a principle of good business dealings; customers sometimes say it to the people serving them in order to try to get good service.) When I began working at the gift shop, my boss told me, "Remember, the customer is always right, no matter how stupid or rude you may think he is being."
See also: always, customer, right

one to a customer

Fig. each person can have or receive only one. (As in sales restrictions where each customer is permitted to buy only one.) "Only one to a customer!" said the chef as he handed out the hamburgers. Is it one to a customer, or can I take two now?
See also: customer, one

slippery customer

1. Fig. a clever and deceitful customer. Watch out for that guy with the big padded coat. He may snatch something. He's a real slippery customer.
2. Fig. a slippery creature. This little fish is a slippery customer. Get me something to scoop it back into its bowl.
See also: customer, slippery

tough customer someone

who is difficult to deal with. Some of those bikers are really tough customers. Walt is a tough customer. Just keep away from him.
See also: customer, tough

ugly customer

An ill-natured or vicious individual, as in Watch out for Charlie when he's drinking; he can be an ugly customer. This phrase uses ugly in the sense of "mean" or "dangerous." [c. 1800]
See also: customer, ugly

a tough ˈcustomer/ˈcookie

(informal) a person who knows what they want and is not easily influenced by other people: Self-confident, ambitious and positive, Paula is a tough cookie who is bound to do well.
See also: cookie, customer, tough

tough customer

n. someone who is difficult to deal with. Bruno is a tough customer. Just keep away from him.
See also: customer, tough
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At Pioneer, we teach sales reps how to ask questions to understand how customers make decisions so that they can package data in a way that is most helpful to the customer," Johnson says.
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