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cuss a blue streak

To use profane language with great rapidity and intensity. My dad cussed a blue streak after he found out I'd put a dent in his car.
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cuss out

To use profane language as a reprimand or attack. I cussed out the driver that nearly backed into my car.
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cuss a blue streak

Rur. to curse a great deal. When she dropped the brick on her toe, she cussed a blue streak. Bill could cuss a blue streak by the time he was eight years old.
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cuss someone out

to curse at someone. Dad cussed me out for losing the money he gave me. The little kid cussed out his brother, shocking his grandmother.
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The report cited that the disadvantage is the spectacle of the parliamentary opposition trying to gain electoral mileage from the Nato route affair, while the PML-N has gone back to what it was before it confessed to cussedness and signed the 2006 Charter of Democracy with the PPP in a grand gesture of 'normalisation'.
Jarnow's book is a valuable portrait of what Yo La Tengo represents: American vision, individualism, community, entrepreneurialism, cussedness, and creativity.
Across the city Bees' brand of adventure and ambition created many outstanding scores for a few seasons but it was their sheer cussedness that made Dan Sanderson's winner at Bristol last season so noteworthy.
The author gradually builds a poignant picture of Bogart's cussedness, honour and ineluctable sadness - but when he moves on to Bogart's legacy in the final chapters, he stumbles, throwing out lists of references and theories on American masculinity without the space to develop them.
that Zionism was a beneficent and well-meaning progressive national movement; that Israel was born pure into an uncharitable, predatory world; that Zionist efforts at compromise and conciliation were rejected by the Arabs; and that Palestine's Arabs, and in their wake the surrounding Arab states, for reasons of innate selfishness, xenophobia, and downright cussedness, refused to accede to the burgeoning Zionist presence and in 1947 to 1949 launched a war to extirpate the foreign plant.
Indeed, one sometimes detects a certain amount of cussedness when senior members review the discipline that they leave in their wake.
Resolve Both have been branded as difficult characters, yet both possess something familiar from their manager's playing days - a cussedness and a will to win bordering on crazed workaholism.
He writes about a bookshop, a seemingly innocuous topic, and still manages to uncork a cuvee of cussedness.
The persistence - Harrison would have admitted to cussedness - seemed to have paid off when Grimpola's last British-foaled product, the Shirley Heights filly Gryada, won twice as a two-year-old in 1995.
Korda gives us the courage and cussedness of a man who stuck to what he believed in--he was prepared to face down Churchill if necessary--and cared not a jot for popularity so long as he got his way.
A wake-up kick intended to move a sleeping dog out of the path of an oncoming steamroller would be treated differently from a kick intended as deserved punishment for biting, chewing, or some other doggie offense; and both would be treated differently from a kick intended only to hurt, administered out of sheer cussedness.
Leicester, though, stayed in Pool Six contention for next Sunday's return fixture at Stade Ernest Wallon - on a day when their sheer cussedness and wetweather skills again served them well.
Every sort of human cussedness gets perpetrated among the folks of a small southern town, from murder to racial harassment.
There could well be other reasons your dog doesn't sit when you ask, but it's unlikely that he's doing it out of sheer cussedness.
Vickery and company though, through a stirring combination of sheer cussedness, determination and no little skill, have proved everyone wrong.