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I shall work like a demon on my two-thirdsdone novel, to allow max time, before the thing I don't give a tinker's cuss about is finished, for gazing into the middle distance in a fug of anxiety about whether, now it's done, it's any good.
"We expect that the new CUSS kiosks will be capable of handling up to 40% or more of passengers checking-in during peak periods at Kotoka International Airport.
"The use of these CUSS kiosks will deliver faster and more convenient check-in, ensuring that both our passengers and our airline customers receive the highest level of service.
Thomas, after 43 minutes, and Cuss, with his sixth goal of the season after 75 minutes, were on target.
James Connolly powered in a header but Cuss got down well to make a good save.
Sent home last year for fighting, mouths cuss words to other campers while he's giving you a hug--as sneaky as they come.
"We look forward to combining our efforts with scientists from Exelixis to bring this new class of medicines into clinical testing," comments Cuss.
The changes apparently dealt with "cuss words" uttered by others in the book that most people would consider minor, says King.
"It's going to integrate the operating, the capital and overhead funding," says Kari Cuss, a spokeswoman for Ontario Economic Development Minister Joseph Cordiano, who met with the Council of Ontario Universities July 28 to address their concerns.
Since then, we have been moving towards a relationship where we put all the cards on the table without demand, and with a level of transparency that is risky in the sense that it reveals what a difficult cuss I am.
Satan is disturbingly real: the scene in which he has his demon-children herd and cuss the apostate Judas onto the corpse of a decayed lamb, whose bell-rope then becomes the instrument of his suicide, shows evil's sick, unsmiling parody of the good.
* A preacher was trying to start his pull-start lawn mower when a young man walked by and said, "Preacher, you have to cuss at those things to get them to run."
The scenario is one of many applications created by Barron Cuss and Urban Lindhe, cofounders of SkyCam, an aerial-platform business that specializes in remote- or radio-controlled aerial models.
The book is written in "chatroom" style: sentence fragments, caps lock, and cuss words.
In his book Cuss Control: The Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing, O'Connor argues that in recent decades swearing has risen "from the gutters and drifted into offices, and shifted from street corners into schools."