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cushy job

A job that is easy, stress-free, and/or very well paid. Since I got this cushy job managing a toy store, I've gotten to sit around playing with toys all day. Since Sarah got that cushy job with the bank, she has been driving a sports car and is buying a second home!
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cushy number

A job that is easy, stress free, and typically well paid. Primarily heard in UK. Since I got this cushy number managing a toy store, I've gotten to sit around playing with toys all day. Since Sarah got that cushy number with the bank, she has been driving a sports car and is buying a second home! I get to work from home and spend a lot of time with my kids, so it's certainly a cushy number.
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a cushy ˈnumber

(British English) an easy job; a pleasant situation that other people would like: Sarah’s new job sounds like a right cushy number — she only has to go to the office three days a week. Cushy means ‘easy’ or ‘pleasant’ and comes from Hindi.
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mod. soft; easy. (From cushion.) That’s a cushy kind of life to lead.
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He pointed to the disruption that the building works for the Cushy Cow Lane project would bring to residents who live on Stargate Lane and Low Row.
They were also worried about the loss of footpaths, a possible increased flooding risk on Grange Lane and extra traffic on Cushy Cow Lane.
Ferguson initially submitted information about the Tooshie Cushy to Innovation Direct[TM] in July 2012 on the company's Confidential Product Outline.
We have many Alcatrazes, such as Dartmoor and Winson Green, and if she thinks being in these places is cushy, then tell that to the parents of the man who was murdered last week in HM Prison Hewell.
Why mitochondrial genes ditch their cushy haploid environs to take up residence in a large and chaotic nucleus long has stumped evolutionary biologists, but scientists from Indiana University, Bloomington, report that they have uncovered an important due in flowering plants.
After the revelation of the cushy life of Britain's lags, Jail bosses were left facing the flak from taxpayers, the Daily Star reports.
Just days after it was revealed that lags inside prisons in England are ignoring chances to escape because of their cushy lives behind bars, a fed-up guard contacted us to reveal how lags at Cardiff Prison: enjoy luxuries like digital TV and games consoles in their en-suite cells; will soon be treated in a new pounds 10m health centre, allowing them instant access to the best medical and dental facilities; and love life inside so much that they don't want to leave.
Mark Swanhart says he feels "domesticated." The cushy lifestyle for him has eradicated the struggle, once the source of his creativity.
Like their Foreign Service counterparts, CIA officers came to yearn for cushy assignments in the world's more attractive cities, especially those in Europe, in contrast to the places where their services were most needed.
Although Manhattan property had appreciated markedly in that time, some brokers and investors concluded that the building's jump in value could also be credited in part to a cushy sale price.
But I would further submit that much of the bloat is at the top, sitting on cushy furniture.
I now work in a well-paying, cushy office job and have two beautiful little girls (ages five and seven).
(The tool is especially useful in heavy clay.) Made of chrome-plated carbon steel, the bulber has a cushy, rubbery handle and measurements on the side so you know how deep to go.
* The Tour: Their homey, historic wine cellar--residence resembles a contemporary library with a cask, cleverly converted into a tasting bar with cushy leather sofas and boldly colored artworks and furnishings.
* James Brown and Earth, Wind & Fire headlined recent shows at Chastain Park Amphitheatre (4469 Stella Dr.; 404-233-2227), an outdoor venue that offers stage-side tables and a cushy lawn for attendees to enjoy twilight picnics.