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beside the cushion

Unimportant. A digression. Oh, that's beside the cushion. Let's get back to the main topic.
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cushion the blow

To ease the pain or stress of something unpleasant. When my daughter had to get a shot at the doctor's office, I tried to cushion the blow by telling her we would go out for ice cream afterward.
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cushion the effect(s) of (something)

To ease or lessen the pain, stress, or burden of something unpleasant. These stimulus checks aim to cushion the effect of the recession on the average citizen.
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miss the cushion

To fail in some way. The phrase is similar in meaning and use to "miss the mark." I felt confident going into the interview, but I think I really missed the cushion, judging by the recruiter's facial expressions.
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cushion/soften the ˈblow

make something unpleasant seem less unpleasant and easier to accept: When he lost his job he was offered a cash payment to soften the blow.
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Cushioned shoes, which are made from the most flexible material, offer no stabilizing devices and are therefore made for light, efficient runners with no history of injury.
"The most cushioned shoes have not been shown to decrease impact forces or injuries," he notes.
Cushioned running shoes have a curved or semi-curved last.
A post-injury return to running, then, might look something like this: A move toward greater stability and so into a stability shoe and away from the less stable cushioned shoe; followed by an over-the-counter orthotic if necessary; followed by a stability shoe with a custom orthotic if necessary; and only then a move to a motion control shoe.
A variety of performance tests are used to measure wear on cushioned and uncushioned carpet.
This runner will need a shoe with a softer midfoot and one that is more cushioned. If that runner uses a firmer shoe that is made only to stabilize the midfoot, the shoe will wear out along the lateral edge very quickly.