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cushy job

A job that is easy, stress free, and/or very well paid. Since I got this cushy job managing a toy store, I've gotten to sit around playing with toys all day. Since Sarah got that cushy job with the bank, she has been driving a sports car and is buying a second home!
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a cushy ˈnumber

(British English) an easy job; a pleasant situation that other people would like: Sarah’s new job sounds like a right cushy number — she only has to go to the office three days a week. Cushy means ‘easy’ or ‘pleasant’ and comes from Hindi.
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mod. soft; easy. (From cushion.) That’s a cushy kind of life to lead.
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The Blues' defence has become so impregnable that Cech has one of the cushiest jobs in football, and punters should build their staking plan for today's Manchester City-Chelsea clash around the likelihood of yet another Chels clean sheet.
It's not the cushiest job," says 23-year-old States reporter David Enrich.
com camp ing buddy; fleece-lined stuff or (800) 423-2320 sack (stuff it to make a pillow) is nice Big Lux Cot, Has to be the world's cushiest cot; Slumberjack, sleeve to hold sleeping pad (pad is www.
But not as happy as Tony, who tells me it's the cushiest job he's ever had.
When I was a fledgling journalist, I thought that columnists had the cushiest jobs in the news business.
I went through all the ranks from private to acting full colonel, but in retrospect the cushiest of all was unpaid acting lance corporal, which I held for my long journey on a troopship to the Middle East.
Things got so bad that young Jacob Weisberg, once considered Kinsley's heir apparent, would not even accept the offer of the "TRB" column, previously thought to be both the classiest and cushiest job in high-minded punditry.
Well, the top of a car might not sound like the cushiest of landing surfaces.
For years our client had been considered the cushiest employer in the business," Getzler said.
Meanwhile, Navid and Boabby job-swap to prove who has the cushiest career.
Meanwhile, cushiest job going must be that of a royal protection officer.
I wrongly proclaimed that you had the cushiest number going, considering that few people believed a word that emanated from SJP anyway, so you could release the lyrics to The Birdie Song as a press release and nobody would notice.
Huhne has been moved to one of the country's cushiest prisons.