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cushy job

A job that is easy, stress free, and/or very well paid. Since I got this cushy job managing a toy store, I've gotten to sit around playing with toys all day. Since Sarah got that cushy job with the bank, she has been driving a sports car and is buying a second home!
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a cushy ˈnumber

(British English) an easy job; a pleasant situation that other people would like: Sarah’s new job sounds like a right cushy number — she only has to go to the office three days a week. Cushy means ‘easy’ or ‘pleasant’ and comes from Hindi.
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mod. soft; easy. (From cushion.) That’s a cushy kind of life to lead.
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Huhne has been moved to one of the country's cushiest prisons.
And if he loses at Everton today it'll be another crushing blow for a manager who had one of the Premier League's cushiest numbers at Fulham.
Napalm Death @ Central Station & Yales, Wrexham (November 28) I DON'T mean to be flippant, but surely writing the lyrics for everybody's favourite grind-core metallers Napalm Death must be the cushiest job in the world.
Maybe just maybe they'd appreciate they have the cushiest jobs on the planet, kicking a ball about for 90 minutes, their reward pounds 100,000 smackers.
With its modern towers rising above Naval Base San Diego, the Navy's cushiest bachelor-enlisted quarters builder is trying to get the word out that single sailors actually could live here.
Unfortunately, when I read the list of countries that will lose foreign service jobs under the Rice plan, I saw that only two of the reassigned diplomats will come from Britain, and none from France, Switzerland, Italy, or Spain, which have traditionally been the cushiest, most sought-after, and consequently most overstaffed.
THE job of California's lieutenant governor is perhaps the cushiest in all of state government.
Now he is on the loose after doing a runner from the cushiest jail in Scotland midway through a nine-year jail term.
A TEENAGER who killed a pensioner he accused of abusing him has been moved to one of our cushiest jails.
ExpEnsEs cheat Mp Elliot Morley has landed the cushiest job in jail.
Chrisswell House is reputed to be one of the cushiest parts of the Scottish prison system and there is a waiting list.
It has to be the cushiest job on the box - a long holiday in the sun, stunning scenery, very few lines to learn and no acting skills required, which is lucky for most of the cast.
THEY say a travel writer has one of the cushiest jobs in the world, but try telling that to Guy Grieve as he embarks on a unique adventure in southeastern Australia, (Climbing the Giants, five, 7.