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curtsy to (one)

To bow before one in a show of respect or deference. I curtsied to the headmistress when she handed me my diploma.
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curtsy to someone

[for a woman] to dip or bow in deference to someone. Of course, I curtsied to the queen! Do you think I'm an anarchist? The little girls curtsied after they did their dance number.
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Kate curtsying is rare - she only does it the first time she meets the Queen on any day.
One of the blokes, in flowing long hair, made his point by curtsying to the Queen Mother.
The 21-year-old, who yesterday continued her chase for a second consecutive title at the French Open by thrashing Austria's Barbara Schett 6-0 6-0 in the third round, admitted she believed it was a pity curtsying was now abolished at Wimbledon.
A palace insider told ( People that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to curtsying.
WHAT on Earth was Sarah Brown doing curtsying to Camilla?
Among the suggestions: Stop taking expensive freebies, reduce the size of the Royal Family, look at the "difficult question" of the roles played by Andrew and Edward, tackle the perceived aloofness of the Queen, take shorter holidays and throw out bowing and curtsying to minor royals such as Edward's missus Sophie.
In addition to the humiliation of curtsying to other royals, Princess Diana witnessed how Sarah Ferguson lost her HRH title following her divorce from Prince Andrew earlier that same year in May 1996.
Respect isn't about wearing hats or curtsying. And it's certainly not about us "oikes" prostrating ourselves in front of a family who by an accident of birth enjoy vast wealth and privilege.
Middleton took the lead in curtsying to Her Majesty and Markle followed suit.
One theory about the phrase is that it is to do with curtsying - lowering the body without breaking the legs - during a curtain call.
Many thought Meghan had to start curtsying to Kate right after her May wedding.
However as curtsying to the Royal Family is now less formal, such reverence will largely be left to an individual's discretion.
One of the ( myths she talked about has to do with Meghan Markle curtsying to anyone in the palace that outranks her.
One of ( Debrett's other staff, Jean Broke-Smith, said that curtsying in front of Queen Elizabeth II is a little bit different from doing the movement in front of other royals.