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curtsy to (one)

To bow before one in a show of respect or deference. I curtsied to the headmistress when she handed me my diploma.
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curtsy to someone

[for a woman] to dip or bow in deference to someone. Of course, I curtsied to the queen! Do you think I'm an anarchist? The little girls curtsied after they did their dance number.
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TEEN pop sensation Kerri Ann is practising her curtsies for a date with Princes William and Harry next month.
There is actually a ( hierarchy to who bows or curtsies to who in a situation where several royals are in the same room.
MADE UP Trump curtsies as he gets Order of Abdulaziz medal from king
You play Highland heroine Merida, a tomboy princess better with a bow and sword than bows and curtsies, who is on a mission to overturn a curse that has turned her family into bears.
Everybody gasped at the beautiful transformation of the Municipal Auditorium, but that was just a prelude to the teary smiles and applause when a diverse and radiant group of 21 debs made their curtsies and took to the floor with their daddies.
FRAIL Maggie Thatcher curtsies as she welcomes the Queen to her 80th birthday party last night.
Clockwise from top: Sophie and Edward take their wedding vows; Sophie sneaks a smile at her husband; The newly weds walk down the flower-lined aisle as husband and wife as the choir and guests look on; Prince Edward struggles to push the wedding ring on to Sophie's finger after her hands swelled in the heat; Sophie has no trouble slipping a 22-carat Welsh gold band on to the groom's little finger; Prince Edward winks fondly at his bride in a gesture that told so much; Sophie curtsies and Edward bows to the Queen after signing the register.
( Daily Mail compiled photos of May meeting Queen Elizabeth II, Middleton, Prince Charles, and Prince William to show how low her curtsies were.