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curtsy to (one)

To bow before one in a show of respect or deference. I curtsied to the headmistress when she handed me my diploma.
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curtsy to someone

[for a woman] to dip or bow in deference to someone. Of course, I curtsied to the queen! Do you think I'm an anarchist? The little girls curtsied after they did their dance number.
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They didn't understand at first, so we explained what an MBE was and when he walked in they all bowed and curtsied.
My cousin bowed and I curtsied as the Queen gave me a firm handshake.
In an extraordinary moment Camilla curtsied, then smiled nervously as she greeted the Queen.
The Princess Royal curtsied to Emperor Akihito yesterday as she arrived for a tea party at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
TWO Queens curtsied to a Prince last night as Wonderland came to London in style.
One observer who had been present when the pair met said: "Diana curtsied deeply to the Queen Mum.
Train officials bowed and curtsied to her on a trip back from Paris.
THE Prime Minister's wife, Sarah Brown (left), curtsied to the Duchess of Cornwall not out of deference but because she's polite and had the savvy to recognise that pictures would be taken of their meeting in Uganda.
THE policewoman who curtsied to Tony Blair on a royal (sorry, "presidential") visit to Plymouth last week did it for a pounds 5 bet with a fellow copper.
Ah, Charlotte, if only you'd kneed Dame Shirley Bassey in the mouth as she curtsied to the Queen at that Buck House party on Tuesday you'd be the Greatest Taff since Owain Glendower.
She curtsied and smiled as she battled to win back the crowd following the whistles and boos which greeted the 2002 winner earlier in the tournament.
She was jeered in the early rounds this year but yesterday she curtsied and smiled as the crowd applauded.
Some do get a little confused - on one occasion a man curtsied in front of the Queen, a spectacle guaranteed to raise a royal smile.