curtains for

curtains for (someone or something)

The end, death, or demise of someone or something. Oh, it'll be curtains for the informant once I find him! Unfortunately, if this merger doesn't go through, it's curtains for our company.
See also: curtain

curtains for someone or something

the death, end, or ruin of someone or something. (From the lowering or closing of the curtains at the end of a stage performance.) If the car hadn't swerved, it would have been curtains for the pedestrians. If they can't get into the export market, it's curtains for the whole company.
See also: curtain
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Goff's Curtain Walls manufactures flexible, fan-folding sound curtains for garages, workshops, and other industrial businesses looking to create temporary sound barriers.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of curtains for housing available to the jrc (joint research centre - jrc) of the european commission in ispra (varese), italy.
Arriving in assorted fabrics and vibrant colours from different suppliers, Interiors has divided their diverse range of curtain designs into the following segments: Curtains for majles, big saloons and dining rooms; curtain designs for living and dining area; curtain designs for bedrooms; curtains for children's rooms; bath and kitchen curtains.
Dirt and rust that build up on the curtain's shaft can also spell curtains for the curtain.
Tina Leese, from New Arley, had been making curtains for family and friends for years when suddenly she found herself redundant and looking for work.
Then back at the studio in their workroom, with experienced sewing and an eye for detail, they guarantee you a beautifully finished job whether it be curtains for a grand window, or Roman blinds to pelmets, quilted throws, headboards, cushions or tie-backs.
You can also buy 90 x 90 chenille curtains for just pounds 15 and cotton tab top curtains in a selection of sizes which are normally pounds 60 for just pounds 5.
A sound-busting invention could spell curtains for noisy neighbours.