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curse the day (one) was born

1. Of oneself, to regret having ever existed, as due to some extreme suffering one is or will be experiencing. Basic training in the military is so hard that you'll often find yourself cursing the day you were born. She was so embarrassed by the event that she cursed the day she was born.
2. To detest someone to such a degree as to wish they had never existed. You're just a horrible, selfish pig, and I curse the day you were born!
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curse (someone or something) under (one's) breath

To say threatening, consternated, or disgruntled remarks (toward someone or something) in a very soft or indistinct voice, such that no one else can hear or understand them clearly. "You'll get what's coming to you one of these days," Janet cursed under her breath. Steven stormed off to his room, cursing his parents under his breath. My dad spent nearly an hour trying to fix the engine on the side of the road, cursing the broken-down truck under his breath the whole time.
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curse a blue streak

To use profane language with great rapidity and intensity. My dad cursed a blue streak after he found out I'd put a dent in his car.
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curse (someone) under (one's) breath

To murmur something in such a soft, quiet voice that others cannot hear it distinctly. (Said especially of rude, unpleasant, complaining, or impertinent remarks.) I could hear Bill cursing the boss under his breath as he walked back to his desk after his annual review. If you curse under your breath around me again, I'll tan your hide so quick it will smart for a week!
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curse (someone or oneself) for (something)

1. To call evil upon one for something they have done. If he ever mistreats my daughter, I will certainly curse him for it.
2. To criticize oneself. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "curse" and "for." As I sat in the traffic jam, I cursed myself for not leaving the house earlier.
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curse at (someone or something)

To use profane language when speaking to someone or something. I cursed at the driver that nearly backed into my car. My dad cursed at the TV when his favorite team allowed a goal in overtime.
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curse with (something)

1. To call evil upon one. A noun or pronoun can be used between "curse" and "with." I cursed him with every illness I could think of when I heard how he had mistreated my daughter.
2. To have a particular problem or affliction. A noun or pronoun can be used between "curse" and "with." I've been cursed with an excellent memory because I can remember every insult or wrong that ever been done to me.
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In this photo provided by Nintendo of America, Miguel Conception and Arno Tsay play Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, a new horror-themed game for Nintendo 3DS.
kernel of his word Cursed the altered germ of the seed scheduled to die
Cursed Clothes will be launching other horror movie inspired products later this year.
Buckner's miscue helped the New York Mets come from behind to win Game 6 and then win the series in 7 games (interestingly, recent photos suggest that Buckner was wearing a Chicago Cubs batting glove while playing the field that day, leading some to surmise that he was doubly cursed, see Lukas, 2006).
Their actions sparked a vengeful response from the witch who cursed the field saying "if ever its soil was broken, death would follow".
Legend has it the club was cursed by a relative of Queen "Henty" Smith when one of their children died.
5-carat jewel, also known as The Eye of Brahama, is believed to have become cursed when a monk removed the original 195-carat diamond from the eye of the Idol of Brahma at a shrine near Pondicherry in India.
Craven reunites with screenwriter Williamson for Cursed, a modern day spin on the classic werewolf myth.
We immediately see some part of the exegetical problem: Ham commits the delict but it is his son (actually one of his sons), Canaan, who is cursed with the burden of servitude (what sort of primitive patriarchal prohibition declared that seeing a father's nakedness was punishable by this extreme--if indirect--penalty is not a topic Goldenberg takes up, though I suspect that there must be rabbinical comment on this situation of sexual taboo).
It was cursed, they do say, the day the city fathers hauled in a giant blob of artwork inscribed with a centuries-old curse.
It appears that Sox fans, who were invited to the ceremony in solidarity for their similarly cursed team, may have taken the curse-ending mojo we created to wipe out their own curse.
Many gathered outside Fenway Park, secure in the knowledge that the Ghost of the Bambino no longer haunts its hallowed halls and that those cursed Yankee fans can no longer torment them with chants of `1918' - the last year the Red Sox won a World Series.
The state of uncleanness is directly dependent on the continuing presence of the skin affliction on the cursed person's body.
Some believe they were cursed by the inscription: "Death comes on wings to he who enters the tomb of a pharaoh.