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curl (one's) lip

To sneer at something. When I heard what was for dinner, I curled my lip in disgust. Don't you curl your lip at me! I did nothing wrong here!
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curl (one's) hair

To shock or terrify someone. That horror movie sure curled my hair—I could not sleep for a week! Geez, don't sneak up on me like that, you're gonna curl my hair!
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curl up

1. To sit or recline with the knees pulled in close to the chest. A cold, rainy night like this just makes me want to stay home and curl up with a good book.
2. To coil something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "curl" and "up." I curled up the ribbon before tying it onto the gift box.
3. To kill someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "curl" and "up." I curled up the informant, boss, don't worry—he'll never talk to the police again.
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curl up and die

To die. This phrase is usually used hyperbolically or humorously. If I don't get asked to the prom, I'll be so embarrassed that I might as well just curl up and die!
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curl something up

to roll something up into a coil. She curled the edges of the paper up while she spoke. Why did she curl up the paper?
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curl up and die

Fig. to die. (Often jocular.) When I heard you say that, I could have curled up and died. No, it wasn't an illness. She just curled up and died.
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curl up (in(to) something

1. to roll into a coil. The snake curled up into a neat coil. It curled up so we couldn't get at it.
2. [for one] to bend one's body into a resting place, such as a chair or a bed. Colleen curled up in the chair and took a nap. She curled up and took a nap.
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curl up

1. Assume a position with the legs drawn up; settle down for sleep in this posture. For example, I love to curl up with a good book. [c. 1900]
2. curl up and die. Retreat, collapse, die, as in At first the horse was ahead but in the home stretch she curled up and died, or I'll just curl up and die if he shows up. This colorful expression for collapsing or dying is often used hyperbolically (second example). [Early 1900s]
3. curl someone up. Kill someone, as in The sheriff said he'd curl up that outlaw. This usage originated as cowboy slang in the second half of the 1800s.
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curl up

1. To twist, bend, or roll something into a curved or spiral form: She curled up the poster and slipped it into a tube. He waxed the ends of his moustache and curled them up.
2. To assume a curved or spiral form: The pages of the book had curled up at the edges.
3. To assume a position with the legs drawn up: I curled up in an armchair to read a book.
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curl up and die

See also: and, curl, die, up
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Starting in 1986, Conair was the first company to market ThermaCELL curling irons in the US.
He said: "I used to curl before I came down here in the late Sixties and since then there have been a number of attempts to get curling going in England.
The portability and convenience of the cordless Big Curls curling iron makes these porducts ideal for handling today's busy lifestyles, which get even more hectic during the holidays," said Joe Modica, director of marketing for Conair.
Canada is to curling what the United States is to basketball.
John Curling has been instrumental in creating and growing the process-scale biochromatography business of the largest supplier to the biopharmaceutical industry," noted Noubar Afeyan, Ph.
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The Welsh Curling Association is hoping to set up the facility, costing about PS350,000, next to the leisure centre, which could more than triple its 100 strong membership.
This makes the curling process more manageable and keeps the curls looking even around the whole head.
Scotland's Olympic curling hero Rhona Martin last night quit the sport after stepping down from her post as coach of the Women's Performance Programme.
Before you start curling, wash and blow dry your hair.
Start by applying a curling cream to the hair from roots to ends, separating hair and twisting around your finger to define into individual curls," advises David Fletcher, Unite stylist.
An introductory youth curling program expanded to include four Aboriginal elementary schools in northern British Columbia.
If we had more TV coverage, there would probably be more curling clubs," says Ted Paul, a 33-year member of the Petersham Curling Club.
By using a curling iron and the Curls and Waves products, women can duplicate the sexy, bouncy curls that so many celebrities are showing off today.