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curly dirt

Clumps of dust. Please dust this room, and be sure to get the curly dirt that's gathered under the couch.
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have (one) by the short and curlies

To have complete control or dominance over someone; to have someone at one's mercy. "The short and curlies" refers to the hairs on one's neck, despite popular misconceptions. With all that evidence against you, I'd say the police have you by the short and curlies. Sometimes, I think Mark's wife has him by the short and curlies.
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curly dirt

 and house moss; slut's wool
puffs of dirt and dust. How long has it been since you swept under this bed? There's a mountain of curly dirt under here! No one's been in this room for an age. Look at all the cobwebs and curly dirt. She was a terrible housekeeper. House moss collected in all the corners of her rooms.
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have someone by the short and curlies


have someone by the short hairs

If someone has you by the short and curlies or by the short hairs, they have you completely in their power. The union's chief negotiator last night said: `We had the company by the short and curlies.' The managers knew they had us by the short hairs. Note: In this expression, `short and curlies' may refer to a person's pubic hair, to hair on the back of their neck, or to the hair in their beard.
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n. a bald person, almost always a male. (Also a jocular term of address.) Well, Curly, looks like you got your dome sunburned!
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Whether you show him something very small, very tall, the curliest
And for those with really wild manes, there's a fantastic three-month straightening treatment which tames even the curliest locks into sleek and stylish tresses.
WE ladies are expert at batting our eyelashes to get what we want, so we go to great lengths for the longest, thickest and curliest lashes.
As a result, T3 dryers can achieve a frizz- and damage-free finish even on the curliest hair, leave fine, limp hair with lustrous shine and body and even help hair color last longer.
And Kian has the curliest hair and is the most adventurous.
Macmillan Hair Retexturising, which costs pounds 300 for shoulder-length hair, claims to straighten even the curliest hair and leave it Aniston-sleek without damaging it.
This spat means Tony Blair now has the Beeb by the shortest and curliest of purse strings at a time when his own standing has never looked so dodgy.