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curiosity killed the cat

proverb Inquisitiveness can be dangerous, especially when it extends to things one does not need to know about. I think you'll offend her by asking such personal questions—curiosity killed the cat, after all. I know curiosity killed the cat, but I can't stop the investigation until I know where the donations are really going.
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die from curiosity

To die because one is so eager to know something. Used figuratively and hyperbolically. Once I saw all of the presents stacked under the tree, I thought I would die from curiosity before Christmas morning.
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die of curiosity

To be so curious that one feels as though one cannot tolerate it any longer. Once I saw all of the presents stacked under the tree, I thought I would die of curiosity before Christmas morning. We were all dying of curiosity when she announced that she would be unveiling her new project soon.
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pique (one's) (emotion)

To arouse a particular emotion in one. While the special effects looked impressive, it was the movie's approach to its female characters that piqued my interest. Nothing piques my ire like people who don't use their turn signals when they're driving! It's important to provide your children with experiences that pique their curiosity.
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piss in (one's) pocket

slang To attempt to gain one's favor, affection, attention, or interest, especially through flattering, fawning, or solicitous overtures. Primarily heard in Australia. I'm not just trying to piss in your pocket—you did a really great job! Stop pissing in my pocket. It's not going to help your chances at a promotion.
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Curiosity killed the cat.

Prov. Being curious can get you into trouble. (Often used to warn someone against prying into other's affairs.) Jill: Where did you get all that money? Jane: Curiosity killed the cat.
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die of curiosity

 and die from curiosity
Fig. to experience a strongly felt need to know about something. I was just dying of curiosity! I almost died from curiosity to finish the book and see how the mystery was solved.
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pique someone's curiosity

 and pique someone's interest
to arouse interest; to arouse curiosity. The advertisement piqued my curiosity about the product. The professor tried to pique the students' interest in French literature.
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curiosity killed the cat

It's best to mind one's own business. For example, Don't ask about his divorce-curiosity killed the cat. This cautionary expression sounds like the moral of some fable or folktale, but any such origin for it has been lost. The first recorded use was in O. Henry's Schools and Schools (1909).
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curiosity killed the cat

You say curiosity killed the cat to warn someone that they might suffer harm themselves if they try to find out about matters that do not involve them. `Where are we going?' Calder asked. `Curiosity killed the cat, dear. You'll find out soon enough.'
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curiosity killed the cat

being inquisitive about other people's affairs may get you into trouble. proverb
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curiosity killed the ˈcat

(saying) used to tell somebody not to ask so many questions, especially in reply to a question that you do not want to answer: ‘Are you two thinking of getting married by any chance?’ ‘Now, now. Curiosity killed the cat!’
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ˌpique somebody’s ˈinterest, curiˈosity, etc.

(especially American English) make somebody very interested in something: The programme has certainly piqued public interest in this rare bird.
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