cure (someone or something) of (something)

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cure (someone or something) of (something)

1. To heal someone of something. That antibiotic cured Sam of his illness in just a few days. I really hope this new therapist can cure me of my compulsive behaviors.
2. To fix or repair a malfunctioning machine. Unfortunately, a few good smacks on the lid did not cure the washer of that dreadful noise.
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cure someone of something

to rid someone of a disease, ailment, bad habit, or obsession. I hope that the doctor prescribes something to cure him of that chronic cough. Will you please try to cure yourself of your constant interrupting?
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cure something of something

to eliminate the cause of a malfunction in a machine or a device. (See also cure someone of something.) I think I have cured the stapler of jamming all the time. I can't seem to cure the committee of procrastination.
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Governor, Patrick Honohan, said, 'our fiscal crisis of the 1980s would have cured us of excesses of any type for 100 years, but it didn't.' He said that the processes that led ordinary people '...
The Stafford Hospital scandal, and recent revelations about poor care at Furness General Hospital in Morecambe Bay, may have cured us of the illusion that the NHS can do no wrong.
And I thought our experience in government had cured us of that, but unfortunately, I have to say, there are people sitting in that party group today who are still talking in those old local government fight-to-the-death between Plaid Cymru and Labour terms.
Assia Diebar, through a daring operation, cured us of our affliction and gave us back our sight.