cure (someone or something) of (something)

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cure (someone or something) of (something)

1. To heal someone of something. That antibiotic cured Sam of his illness in just a few days. I really hope this new therapist can cure me of my compulsive behaviors.
2. To fix or repair a malfunctioning machine. Unfortunately, a few good smacks on the lid did not cure the washer of that dreadful noise.
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cure someone of something

to rid someone of a disease, ailment, bad habit, or obsession. I hope that the doctor prescribes something to cure him of that chronic cough. Will you please try to cure yourself of your constant interrupting?
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cure something of something

to eliminate the cause of a malfunction in a machine or a device. (See also cure someone of something.) I think I have cured the stapler of jamming all the time. I can't seem to cure the committee of procrastination.
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There seems an expectation that people should not have to endure any minor ailment and that the NHS should cure us of everything - no matter how slight.
I hold out hope that this will eventually unlock the magic bullet to cure us of the modern plague of obesity.
What's more, he bequeathed humanity a set of beliefs and practices that can cure us of our fear of hell and that can teach us to be happy, ethical individuals in the here-and-now secular world.
Rather than endure the pain and accept the sacrifices to cure us of our addiction, we are going back to the heroin.
However, if all we do is place the bottle on a shelf and stare at it all day long it will not cure us of our illness.
That said, horses can't cure us of all our ills ...
THE World Cup debacle should cure us of our absurd belief that we are among the great footballing nations of the world.
I asked Paul if he actually had special powers, if the Lord had sent him to cure us of our addictions, fears and vices.
We speak from experience, since a dime a week (admittedly at a time when a dime could buy something besides two nickels) helped cure us of youthful nail-biting.
It is not so long since there were just two or three proprietary soaps and shampoos and a similar number of affordable perfumes on the market; now there are dozens of brands, and not a day passes when we are not assured by advertisers of the need for yet another expensive cream to disguise or cure us of nature's ravages - yet are we really any cleaner or sweetersmelling as a result?
Excessive sentimentality about animals is a peculiarly British disease (and it would only take one good famine to cure us of it), but I detect a more sinister force at work.
The topics concerned--the relationship of virtue to happiness, can argument cure us of the fear of death, can we trust our senses--are surely among the most appealing and enduring of questions, and authors like Lucretius, Sextus, and Epictetus not the least readable.
That we actually choose to be in pain when something as simple as wearing a piece of jewelry or eating a particular fruit would cure us of this painful, age-old disease?
Nor is he an artist who tries to cure us of horror vacui.
There is one last benefit no-fault might bring to our society: it might cure us of the habit of minimizing our own fault and maximizing that of others.