cure (someone or something) of (something)

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cure (someone or something) of (something)

1. To heal someone of something. That antibiotic cured Sam of his illness in just a few days. I really hope this new therapist can cure me of my compulsive behaviors.
2. To fix or repair a malfunctioning machine. Unfortunately, a few good smacks on the lid did not cure the washer of that dreadful noise.
See also: cure, of

cure someone of something

to rid someone of a disease, ailment, bad habit, or obsession. I hope that the doctor prescribes something to cure him of that chronic cough. Will you please try to cure yourself of your constant interrupting?
See also: cure, of

cure something of something

to eliminate the cause of a malfunction in a machine or a device. (See also cure someone of something.) I think I have cured the stapler of jamming all the time. I can't seem to cure the committee of procrastination.
See also: cure, of
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It's the hardest window to work in but we're trying at the moment to cure one of the areas where we feel we have a problem.
Through Finish for a Cure, you can dedicate your race to raising funds to help cure one of the deadliest forms of childhood cancer.
Could vampires cure one of the modern age's most terrifying epidemics?
Summary: Psychotherapists, medication and speech therapy all failed to cure one of Yvonne Siblini's patients of a difficult stammer.
Stringless cultivars have been developed to cure one of the worst problems with runner beans.
THREE hundred members of the same Liverpool family are helping scientists in their quest to cure one of the 10 most dangerous cancers in the world.
5million record signing Claudio Reyna can cure one of Sunderland's biggest failings this season - a lack of goals from midfield.
trying to cure one of the most fabled marvels on the Midland media's golfing circuit, my 'fade'.
Other historical gems in the book include the Victor Meldrew-like moans of 18th-century Stratford poet and wheelwright John Jordan, who details how he had to undergo "blistering scarifying cathartics, diuretics and emitics" to cure one of his many ills when he was a boy.
The Institute for OneWorld Health, the first nonprofit pharmaceutical company in the United States, announced today it has begun Phase III testing of paromomycin to cure one of the world's deadliest parasitic diseases, kala azar, also known as visceral leishmaniasis (VL).
If we cure one of these diseases, those who would have died from it can expect to succumb to another in a few years.