cure of

cure (someone or something) of (something)

1. To heal someone of something. That antibiotic cured Sam of his illness in just a few days. I really hope this new therapist can cure me of my compulsive behaviors.
2. To fix or repair a malfunctioning machine. Unfortunately, a few good smacks on the lid did not cure the washer of that dreadful noise.
See also: cure, of

cure someone of something

to rid someone of a disease, ailment, bad habit, or obsession. I hope that the doctor prescribes something to cure him of that chronic cough. Will you please try to cure yourself of your constant interrupting?
See also: cure, of

cure something of something

to eliminate the cause of a malfunction in a machine or a device. (See also cure someone of something.) I think I have cured the stapler of jamming all the time. I can't seem to cure the committee of procrastination.
See also: cure, of
References in classic literature ?
I sent last evening for the cure of the nearest French village, who spent an hour with him.
Physicians are, some of them, so pleasing and conformable to the humor of the patient, as they press not the true cure of the disease; and some other are so regular, in proceeding according to art for the disease, as they respect not sufficiently the condition of the patient.
The cure of the material, as previously described, can be via two principal routes, including peroxide cure or addition cure.
Ethyl acetoacetate, methyl acetoacetate, dimethyl acetoacetamide, monomethyl acetoacetamide, and acetoacetanilide are low-color copromoters for room-temperature cure of unsaturated polyesters.
However, the Court stated that it does not follow that Waldbaum automatically lost its right to renew the lease because the complete cure of this default had not been accomplished at the precise time Waldbaum exercised its renewal option.
CaP CURE, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, is the largest non-governmental source of funding to support research on the prevention, treatment and cure of prostate cancer.
The objective of this course is to provide fundamentals of multiple techniques and combinations of curing technologies which provide cure of coatings in less than one minute.
The appellate court held that "In this fact pattern, a proper cure of the breach required tenant's permanent removal of the dogs, not merely tenant's control of his dogs during the post-judgement 10-day cure period.
CaP CURE, The Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate, is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to finding cures and controls for prostate cancer.
The best compression set results were obtained after a nitrogen post cure of eight hours at 150 [degrees] C, as depicted in figure 7.
SportsTicker(R), the leading supplier of real-time sports news and information, today announced it is providing results for CaP CURE, a Home Run Challenge sponsored by the Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate, for the fourth consecutive year.
This method shows an approximate state of cure of the part as it exits the mold.
The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) is a not-for-profit agency whose mission is to fund medical research to find the treatment, prevention and cure of Diabetes and its deadly complications.
Curing the test samples beyond their T90s and/or a post cure of these parts would probably increase the heat aged performance of these compounds.
The faster cure of the platinum materials allows the use of smaller molds with fewer cavities (and a lower tooling cost).