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curdle (one's) blood

To terrify someone. That horror movie curdled my blood so badly that I spent the next week sleeping in my parents' bedroom!
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make (one's) blood curdle

To affect in someone an intense feeling of fright, horror, or revulsion. The sight of my brother's murderer in court absolutely made my blood curdle. When we were camping last weekend, we heard a scream in the night that made our blood curdle.
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curdle someone's blood

Fig. to frighten or disgust someone severely. The story was scary enough to curdle your blood. The terrible scream was enough to curdle my blood.
See also: blood, curdle

make your blood curdle

fill you with horror.
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Whenever I cook steak au poivre vert, the cream and brandy always curdles.
The movie curdles on its own self-consciousness, giving a bad name to kitsch.
Ozon takes identifiably human behavior and pushes it to the brink, forcing us to question at what point a usually transient period of denial curdles into madness.
Unlike heavy cream or sour cream, it never separates or curdles when heated or blended with wine or acidic ingredients.
Like milk left out in the midday sun, judgment curdles when exposed to the heat of emotions, according to folk wisdom.
But its mixture of biographical hype and social studies quickly curdles.
In the thicket, feather and fur seek shelter, as helter-skelter curdles the sky.
With only a few degrees' difference between when a custard is as thick as it can get and when it curdles, the faster the heat is climbing the more difficult it is to stop at the optimum point.
Therein lies the hubris that curdles this book's real accomplishments.
QWhen I cook Steak au Poivre Vert the cream and brandy always curdles.
Of course, as romance between Amanda and Tom heats up and curdles (only temporarily), a crisis will develop in the restaurant just before opening night, when the critics will be turning out to render judgment.
Unlike the Audrey Hepburn waif, who is always already a supermodel waiting to be discovered, the Liza waif exposes the repressed underbelly of the gamine, when winsome vulnerability curdles into a needy bad object to be avoided at all cost.