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Extremely terrifying or alarming; inspiring great dread, horror, or panic. The sight of my brother's murderer in court was positively bloodcurdling. When we were camping last weekend, we heard a bloodcurdling scream in the night that kept us wide awake till morning. This anthology of bloodcurdling tales is guaranteed to provide plenty of thrills and chills this Halloween.

curdle (one's) blood

To terrify someone. That horror movie curdled my blood so badly that I spent the next week sleeping in my parents' bedroom!
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make (one's) blood curdle

To cause one to experience an intense feeling of fright, horror, or revulsion. The sight of my brother's murderer in court absolutely made my blood curdle. When we were camping last weekend, we heard a scream in the night that made our blood curdle.
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curdle someone's blood

Fig. to frighten or disgust someone severely. The story was scary enough to curdle your blood. The terrible scream was enough to curdle my blood.
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make your blood curdle

fill you with horror.
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A few have snagged distribution deals, including "Curdled" with Miramax and producer Michael Preger's "Village of the Damned" with Universal.
INGREDIENTS: 250g strong bread flour 250g plain white flour 80g unsalted butter 25g baking powder 5g salt 80g white caster sugar 2 medium eggs zest of 1 large orange small handful dried cranberries, chopped very fine 250ml whole milk curdled with 1tsp lemon juice 1 small egg beaten with 1tbsp water and pinch salt, to glaze 1.
Or maybe it was the nightclub scene that ended with Sue, dressed as a Holiday-era Madonna, gobbing curdled Baileys all over Giles, dressed as a Prince Charming-era Adam Ant.
A BATCH of more than 40,000 cartons of baby milk has been recalled after customers complained that the product had curdled.
The group's short life span--1969 to 1972--encompassed a fertile period of flux bridging the curdled camp of filmmaker Jack Smith and Glam Rock, free love, and the sexual revolution; but unfortunately the Cockettes couldn't traverse the stylistic boundaries between West and East Coast counterculture.
Files on chemical weapons, codenamed al Zabadi - Arabic for curdled milk - include plans for making "home-brew nerve gas".
While Old Hamlet was taking a nap in his orchard, Claudius poured poison in his ear; the poison curdled his blood and rose to his skin, until his body was covered with a 'vile and loathsome crust'.
Darren Smith, 29, a former heroin user, claimed the baby had drunk curdled milk when he handed the baby back to his grandmother with all the signs of a drug overdose.
In that "culture" Larner represented nature, wealth, and sustenance-- with an allegorical reach rivaling the seventeenth-century vanitas, where mortal power inevitably curdled.
This aesthetic of the unfinished is consistent with the incomplete suturing between figure and ground, the approximation of readymade photographs in painted form, and the curdled sweetness of color that characterizes Eggerer's painting.
So the engraved dancing figures in Moon Culmination, 1961, seem to merge with the curdled paint blobs and stains that surround them, a magical transmutation from image to matter and back again.
For this, and for the fact that he died in 1978, well before that climate curdled, Matta-Clark has properly become a legend.