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curdle (one's) blood

To terrify someone. That horror movie curdled my blood so badly that I spent the next week sleeping in my parents' bedroom!
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make (one's) blood curdle

To cause one to experience an intense feeling of fright, horror, or revulsion. The sight of my brother's murderer in court absolutely made my blood curdle. When we were camping last weekend, we heard a scream in the night that made our blood curdle.
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curdle someone's blood

Fig. to frighten or disgust someone severely. The story was scary enough to curdle your blood. The terrible scream was enough to curdle my blood.
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make your blood curdle

fill you with horror.
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If they are thrown in with a hot liquid suddenly without getting used to their new hot environment, the proteins within the eggs will curdle and form lumps.
Heating too much and cooking too long both make custard curdle.
The woman whose voice could curdle milk met up with the former Take That singer on the set of the Clive James show.
Rennin (rennet) is a coagulating enzyme obtained from a young animal's stomach, usually a calf's stomach, that is used to curdle milk in foods such as cheese.
A Stephen King thriller that's true to the original - and sure to curdle your blood,
While Kevin obviously has a thing for stone-faced harridans with expressions that would curdle concrete, the idea of him being so bowled over by Shirley's irresistible sexual pull that his trousers fell off must have given the scriptwriters a bit of a headache.
In still other paintings, her lush eerie underpainting and abrasions, drippy curdle marks, solid reds, or blue-and-white checks reek of an admirably willful practice of abstract gesture characterized by a fresh, unpredictable grace.
Especially apt at capturing esthetic urges as they curdle into careerism, jealousy, sterility, and consciousness (where most people prefer to forget these Kodak-unworthy moments--and years), Bernhard has preserved them in his books.
My own problem has always been how to keep it warm, as I always like to make it in advance, and overheating will make it curdle.
IT'S enough to curdle a pint of Newton and Ridley's.
Also may I ask what disapproval of an Israeli government has to do with anti-Semitism, surely it is illogical (unless you are an anti-Semite) to say that one curdles into another.
It really curdles my blood" Comedian John Cleese on country and western music "It is like someone flicking a switch inside you, turning you on.