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1. n. the female genitals; the vulva and vagina. (One of the oldest English four-letter words. Usually objectionable.) He thought he could see her cunt through her swimming suit.
2. women considered as nothing more than a receptacle for the penis; a wretched and despised woman. (Rude and derogatory.) Jed announced that he really needed some cunt, bad.
3. n. a wretched and disgusting male. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t act like such a cunt, you twit!

cunt fart

and pussy fart
n. a vaginal fart, the sudden release of air—from the vagina—trapped on insertion of the penis during copulation. (Usually objectionable.) He heard a little cunt fart and started laughing so hard, he had to stop.
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cunt hound

n. a lecher. (Rude and derogatory.) Tod is such a cunt hound. All he thinks about is dames.
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and shit-hooks
n. the fingers; the hands. (Crude and objectionable.) Put your shit-hooks around those oars and row! Go wash your cunt-hooks, you slob.
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He's an exciteable cunt at the best of times, energetic as you like, so it could be anything he's pulling out of the inside pocket of his jacket.
He engages the body in dynamic physical and sexual characterizations--none too inappropriate or unsuitable for expression-because, as he puts it, "fuck, the real thing, cunt, the real thing, seems to contain some unidentifiable element which is far more dangerous than nitroglycerin" (192)--dangerous to the phallocentric superstructures so long concerned with restraining individual impulses under the guises of morality, decency, and even political correctness.
Not only is Denise controlling, for instance, 'always [deciding] what will be the appropriate drink for his friends' ('A Smart Cunt', 241), he is also aggressive and violent, threatening to 'BATTER YIR FUCKIN CUNT IN, SON
To some men--even the men who loved us before they raped us or beat us or murdered us we are all cunts.
This principle is demonstrated in La cazzaria's portrayal of the weak monti [political factions] as Cunts and Assholes, which, in the dialogue's vicious sexual economy, exist only to provide pleasure for the dominant Cocks.
cunt is comfortable, that and your tits, orgasm, after orgasm, but I can't
In part II, The Anatomical Jewel, she analyzes why having a cunt has led to all sorts of cultural customs that force women to hate their bodies.
Joining Alan of Lille's grammar of sex to the suspicion that woman's utterances are prime examples of duplicitous speech, "The Knight Who Made Cunts Speak" proposes to recover true speech by bypassing woman's duplicitous mouth entirely and granting to the vagina the power to utter truly.
browsing in the Romance Languages seminar room, I encountered fabliaux: "The Ring that Made Pricks Long and Stiff," "The Cunt Conundrum," "The Ladies who Found a Prick," "The Black Balls," "The Tale of a Turd"; more disturbingly, "The Woman who was Castrated," "The Priest who was Crucified.
Sarah Lucas's sculptures--all cracks and bulges, surrogate cunts, nipples, tits, and dicks--seem to exist forever suspended in that fleeting preteen moment of wide-eyed initiation into the hideous delights of sex.
Music that they are growing up to, the back beat of their childhoods, telling one gender that they can do what they want to women and girls and telling the other gender that they are nothing but cunts and pussies, bitches and hos.
Like the Quays' and Lynch's hungry houses, Coover's House of Rue contains "deep dells," pits and pendulums; clocks like cunts split open, their works springing out like wild hairs (Charlie in the House of Rue)--an image which precedes and evokes the Quays exactly.
The groin: "Believe me, Gracia, in this jungle of cocks and cunts, we each have to try and cope with our own solitude as best we can.
I got back from a holiday in Cambodia to find my favorite table burnt by Dustin Dollin and 30 other skater cunts.
Kathy Acker's Blood and Guts in High School (1978) is a messy novel filled with nihilistic divagations and high-theory musings, juvenile drawings of cunts and cocks, unstable characters on a bombastic path of nonbecoming.