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1. n. the female genitals; the vulva and vagina. (One of the oldest English four-letter words. Usually objectionable.) He thought he could see her cunt through her swimming suit.
2. women considered as nothing more than a receptacle for the penis; a wretched and despised woman. (Rude and derogatory.) Jed announced that he really needed some cunt, bad.
3. n. a wretched and disgusting male. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t act like such a cunt, you twit!

cunt fart

and pussy fart
n. a vaginal fart, the sudden release of air—from the vagina—trapped on insertion of the penis during copulation. (Usually objectionable.) He heard a little cunt fart and started laughing so hard, he had to stop.
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cunt hound

n. a lecher. (Rude and derogatory.) Tod is such a cunt hound. All he thinks about is dames.
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and shit-hooks
n. the fingers; the hands. (Crude and objectionable.) Put your shit-hooks around those oars and row! Go wash your cunt-hooks, you slob.
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Not only is Denise controlling, for instance, 'always [deciding] what will be the appropriate drink for his friends' ('A Smart Cunt', 241), he is also aggressive and violent, threatening to 'BATTER YIR FUCKIN CUNT IN, SON
This principle is demonstrated in La cazzaria's portrayal of the weak monti [political factions] as Cunts and Assholes, which, in the dialogue's vicious sexual economy, exist only to provide pleasure for the dominant Cocks.
And despite Arsiccio's lavish--and ironic--praise of the female genitals as being liberal, generous, vast, and benign, he makes it clear on several occasions that Assholes are to be considered superior to Cunts.
La cazzaria attempts to inscribe sodomy as a discourse of mastery in a Republic of Assholes and Cunts ruled by an oligarchy of Cocks.
At the midpoint of the dialogue the two begin to drink wine, and the text ends with both in bed, with Arsiccio saying they ought to stop talking and let the Cocks, Cunts, and Assholes alone, because they may well do some "good thing" on their own which will give ample matter for discussion the following night.
When Cocks, Cunts, and Assholes speak, they give a lesson in humanist civics.
Infinitely mutable, the Death Cunt briefly surges again as an ecstatic and sightless woman who slides across our field of vision like a phosphene before vanishing.
A house on fire, the Death Cunt burns at the core of Wild at Heart and reaches quintessence in Lost Highway's "Deep Dell": the acutely eroticized "glamours" Alice and Renee--spawn of the Devil's cunt-cabin (which is also the Devil's own ubiquitous eye).
Lucent in the Quay's other masterpiece: The Street of Crocodiles, the Death Cunt reappears in the form of a pocket watch, a dressmaker's dummy and a hairy glove--seductive artifacts of a world held together by spit and string.
Coover engages the archetypal femme fatale, the Cabala and even the techniques of Dada cinema to create disturbingly kaleidoscopic fictions in which the Death Cunt (his term) plays a central role.
In the bed of the Death Cunt, appetite, copulation, birth, death and defecation are all contained in (and exemplified by) the vortex--and I use that word precisely because it best describes the vertiginous quality of Swift's vision, a vision informed by his chronic malaise: Meniere's disease.
1994, portrays lush cunts decorated with North American fruit-bearing plants, and gilds them with shamelessly romantic love poems.
In The Village Voice, Elizabeth Hess called them "cunt/mouths," though they look less like cunts than like scrota dentata.
a popular Rumanian curse, which made it no less nasty: 'Get into your mother's cunt, you filthy kike