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1. n. the female genitals; the vulva and vagina. (One of the oldest English four-letter words. Usually objectionable.) He thought he could see her cunt through her swimming suit.
2. women considered as nothing more than a receptacle for the penis; a wretched and despised woman. (Rude and derogatory.) Jed announced that he really needed some cunt, bad.
3. n. a wretched and disgusting male. (Rude and derogatory.) Don’t act like such a cunt, you twit!

cunt fart

and pussy fart
n. a vaginal fart, the sudden release of air—from the vagina—trapped on insertion of the penis during copulation. (Usually objectionable.) He heard a little cunt fart and started laughing so hard, he had to stop.
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cunt hound

n. a lecher. (Rude and derogatory.) Tod is such a cunt hound. All he thinks about is dames.
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and shit-hooks
n. the fingers; the hands. (Crude and objectionable.) Put your shit-hooks around those oars and row! Go wash your cunt-hooks, you slob.
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As for cunt, surely the time is right to conquer the word, to acknowledge that our genitals are beautiful.
While Miller makes full use of the body, male and female, and all of its parts and organs, the cunt represents a vital metaphor because its presence in writing, explosive to say the least, promises the unstunted expression of sexuality.
The murdered man is a kind of doppelganger for Brian, an infamously irritating know-it-all with a more than similar nickname: 'The Blind Cunt and the Smart Cunt; a tale of two cunts' (279) is how Brian articulates their entwined lives.
209 227 Hillary swallows Punch her in the cunt 185 Disbanded Life's a bitch, don't vote for one 884 1,542 Hillary can't handle one man, how can she handle 150,000,000 of them?
This principle is demonstrated in La cazzaria's portrayal of the weak monti [political factions] as Cunts and Assholes, which, in the dialogue's vicious sexual economy, exist only to provide pleasure for the dominant Cocks.
They kissed again, light clean kisses this time, like aunties at church, while he pulled down her pants and tried to get his semi-fingers into her cunt.
BUSINESS: Prod Mfgr, Spec Print SVCS: Sweeps, Custom continuous forms CHARGE: Per M; MIN: 50M forms SPEC: B-to-B, Fund, Fin Svcs, Publ, Cunt Progs INFO: Smpl
Yet through and beyond all of the possible readings of semen that I will explore here, Walter returns time and again to its lubricious qualities: "my spunk--his spunk--her spunk--all in her cunt together.
Willa Jo Jawole Zollar, Bebe Miller, and Blondell Cunt, for example, have had little national media exposure, nor have they been the subject of extensive documentaries.
3) For an audience listening to rather than reading the play, a word of three letters could easily be assimilated and Andrew's repetition makes doubly sure: c, u, t, or cut, as most recent editions acknowledge, was a Renaissance synonym for cunt, of which the printed instances in the sixteenth century were largely confined to Scotland.
More Freudian trails ensue: Trollope's women are 'trollops'; the Eustace diamonds are, again, the cunt.
In 1981, when journalist Karen Rothmyer tried to interview Scaife for a piece in the Columbia Journalism Review, she says she was treated to a foul-mouthed tirade: "You fucking Communist cunt, get out of here
Whether we choose to call her falcon or false cunt .
kisses her, kisses her mouth and face, and he strokes her breasts that are very white and lovely, and he put his hand on her cunt, and then the knight said, "Lord Cunt, speak to me now
A broker cunt be a professional for long if he doesn't guide both sides," he said.