sly as a fox

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*sly as a fox

 and *cunning as a fox
Cliché smart and clever. (*Also: as ~.) My nephew is as sly as a fox. You have to be cunning as a fox to outwit me.
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References in classic literature ?
It is a point of cunning, to let fall those words in a man's own name, which he would have another man learn, and use, and thereupon take advantage.
They did not essay to enter the apartment, but scanned its every corner from where they stood, and then, when their eyes had sought its entire area, a look of fierce rage overspread the features of Matai Shang, and a cold and cunning smile touched the lips of Phaidor.
Now," said he at last, "I did think that thy wits were of the heavy sort and knew not that thou wert so cunning.
In this question he saw subtle cunning, as men of his type see cunning in everything, so he frowned and did not answer immediately.
But Glinda had not only equal cunning, but far more experience than the Witch.
Dragging his kill after him the ape-man ascended to the middle terrace, and settling himself comfortably in the crotch of a tree where he could still view the trail beneath, cut a juicy steak from the deer's loin, and burying his strong, white teeth in the hot flesh proceeded to enjoy the fruits of his prowess and his cunning.
No woodcraft, no cunning, no stealth was necessary in the hunting of man, nor had Numa any stomach for either delay or silence.
You must marry so that your cunning and your courage live after you.
It was he that first learned the trick of rolling a fellow-cub over with a cunning paw-stroke.
Forthwith Medea made Aeson a sweet young boy and stripped his old age from him by her cunning skill, when she had made a brew of many herbs in her golden cauldrons.
To see how sly and cunning he grubbed on, day after day, a-worming and plodding and tracing and turning and twining of hisself about, till he found out where this precious Mrs Peg was hid, and cleared the ground for me to work upon.
Thou art most wonderfully cunning, indeed," replied Jones; "however, I will write to my charmer, since I believe you will be cunning enough to find him to-morrow at the alehouse.
The man we dread is remarkably cunning--with a cunning that has never been equalled.
His cunning was wolf cunning, and wild cunning; his intelligence, shepherd intelligence and St.
To you, the daring venturers and adventurers, and whoever hath embarked with cunning sails upon frightful seas,--